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The Tagging Game I Learnt

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by sunkan, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. sunkan

    sunkan Gold IL'ite

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    1.love travel a lot that too by train and my window seat....may be because dad was in the railways...

    2.i graded from a bathroom singer to a popular proffessional singer for more than 15 yrs in bangalore. a passion i started at the age of six, with the help of my uncle a great fan of mine from that age ..[​IMG]

    3.i am a passionate cook started very young as i am the eldest among the four siblings, and exposure more with all men teaching me, ya grandpa, then father, then my father in law..no dont go ahead i dont have a son only daughters...[​IMG]

    4. used to make greeting cards with paints, tiny miniature art,and send it to all my friends a personal touch u see....

    5.then comes photoshop on the list, i learnt from scratch all by self, tutorial from various site and a few of my work are also presented here..no no not the forward..[​IMG]

    6. a feminist always have championed for them, the battered lead the list, and have helped a lot of woman to settle down.

    7.I try my best to help out here in the ladies forum with whatever i am capable of helping in my own limited means...

    8. now i am blogging here and i must say once i came to INDUS it looked like i had opened a pandora box of my mind and so many emotions poured out. and i enjoy writing so much, rediscovered myself..[​IMG]

    now to tag







    7.pushpavalli srinivasan


    now this is a game, u need to write about urself here some 8 points and then go on to tag some 8 friends so that they also will come forward and write 8points and 8 of their friends will be tagged...hope all will enjoy this game and open up with a lot of things which all of us as a community will enjoy reading about...regards sunkan

  2. mums

    mums Platinum IL'ite

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    Hi Sunkan.Nice game.

    1 I am a friendly person. I will be silent initially, but once i open my mouth........its difficult for me to stop talking!!
    2 I love to get drenched in rain........since i m not allowed to do so.......i have started to eat hot pakodas staying inside.
    3 I love Sports, English sitcoms. Currently i am glued to CSI series.
    4 I love kids.....provided they should be quite!!!!!
    5 I started learning cooking in School days.............i love to cook.
    6 My fav' cartoon show is "Popeye The Sailor Man".
    7 I love my Mom and DH the most.
    8 My hobby is to take pictures and make movies with them.

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