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The Story Of A Pig

Discussion in 'Interesting Shares' started by jayasala42, Jul 20, 2021.

  1. jayasala42

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    A man was travelling in a boat with his pig. A philosopher was also travelling with other passengers in that boat.
    The pig had never travelled in a boat before, so it was not feeling comfortable. It jumping up and down, creating a commotion in the boat.

    It was not letting anyone sit in peace and troubling every passenger.
    The boatman was troubled by this and was concerned that the boat would sink due to the panic of the passengers.

    If the pig doesn't calm down it will drown the boat. The man was upset about the situation, but could not find any way to calm the pig.

    The philosopher watched all this and decided to help.

    He said: " If you allow, I can make this pig as quiet as a house cat."

    The man immediately agreed.

    The philosopher, with the help of two passengers, picked up the pig and threw it into the river. The pig started to swim desperately to stay afloat.

    It was now dying and struggled for its life. After some time, the philosopher dragged the pig back into the boat.
    The pig was quiet and went and sat in a corner.

    The man and all passengers were surprised at the changed behaviour of the pig.

    The man asked the philosopher: "At first it was jumping up and down. Now it is sitting like a pet cat. Why?"

    Philosopher said: "No one realises the misfortune of another without tasting trouble. When I threw this pig into the water, it understood the power of the water and the usefulness of the boat."

    Pigs that are jumping up and down in India should be thrown in North Korea, Afghanistan, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, Iraq or Pakistan or even China for 6 months to realize that it is a privilege to live in India, in a free manner.

    Once they realize this, they will automatically become calm as a pet cat and will lie in a corner with their tails between their legs.

    Dedicated to all pigs Abusing 'India'...


  2. RatnaMalliswari

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    Hi Mam
    Nice story,Good lesson,it should be applicable to Human beings,who don't value good people around them,and instead they trouble them.As per mythology it is specified those whose trouble ,hurt others they will be punished after death.The type of punishment is described in Garuda puranam.I just got reminded this after reading your post.
  3. Hopikrishnan

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    This is the sort of story-and-conclusion that comes about to justify human rights violations. Like the man who beats his wife every weekend when he comes home drunk. When his wife complains, he tells her that she ought to talk to the neighbor's wife who gets beat up every day.
    Be happy for what little you got; if you complain you'd be sent off to a situation that is much worse.... when this sort of deal is dished out, the pig ought to drown the lot of them in the boat.
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