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The Shift Of Covid And Its Perils

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by sureshmiyer, Jun 26, 2020.

  1. sureshmiyer

    sureshmiyer Silver IL'ite

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    The shift of Covid and its perils

    Covid cases now shifting from developed countries to the developing ones like Brazil, India. With no resistance, Covid is batting on a flat wicket with all the bowlers like WHO, ICMR and the best healthcare experts and scientists looking more like club cricket bowlers. So, the fortunate part is Covid virus has got bored. From a Virender Sehwag, it is now batting like Cheteshwar Pujara.

    Coming to Delhi, which is now the top ranked city in Covid cases, newspapers and media have their own way of scaring readers by reporting that Delhi has reported death count more than 160 odd countries like Indonesia, Japan, Egypt. They will find all the time to find out all countries and count them and put against Delhi. By the rate with which the Media is scaring the daylights out of people more than Covid itself, it seems People will die more of fear, blood pressure and stress than Covid itself. Added to this problem are the higher Ozone levels which has become the most prominent pollutant of the day. Maybe Delhi needs to learn a lesson or two from Mumbai where the health strategy has been more coherent.

    The Pandemic started with a shortage of masks and personal protective equipment. Now it seems that with a probable vaccine around the corner, Vaccines will be a precious commodity. The problem with vaccines begin with a global shortage of glass. They are made with borosilicate glass. Vials are already used for many other vaccine like flue vaccine and they cannot be diverted completely towards Covid vaccine if vaccines are found out. Schott AG, the world’s biggest supplier of borosilicate glass say they might be able to add only 1 billion vials for the Covid vaccine.

    Right now Covid vaccines advances made by Oxford University, Chinas National Biotec Group, Imperial College London, Glaxo Smithkline, Clover Biopharmaceuticals, Sanofi Pasteur. Of course, our Coronil is also awaiting testing. Good thing is India has a presence in most of the international vaccine development programmes and will have a major say in Covid vaccine distribution.

    Now those who think they are safe with sanitizers should think of which sanitizer they are buying. Cheaper sanitizers use methanol instead of isopropyl alcohol. Methanol is toxic and can affect nervous system. As far as masks are concerned, it is posing a bigger challenge to face recognition technology.

    Added to this is the growing Plastic use. Plastic is seeing a resurgence due to plastic components in PPE, masks etc., single use cutlery, packaged products, online delivery platforms, lost emphasis and momentum of drives against plastic bags. 2-3 lakh people are involved in recycling sector in Delhi alone and the recycling chain has been snapped due to movement restriction and migration. Kabadiwalas have gone missing.

    Its time, states should focus on phased opening of the economy instead of resorting to mindless lockdown and simultaneously tackle the pandemic.

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