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The Sealdah Market In Kolkata:

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by sunkan, May 21, 2007.

  1. sunkan

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    We have heard of recycle for many items one among them is the human blood. Any one visiting the sealdah station market in kolkata can tell u the different kind of vegetable available there in those days, that is in 70’s.
    The cauliflower is 15 to 16 inches in breadth, the white radish is as long as your two hand apart, and the breadth is somewhere 4 to 5”, then we have lemon the size of a musambi, and so on for some reason they never tasted as good as they looked...

    Whenever we enquired they the vendor would say these are the products of the jail, they work very hard at getting and using some unusual manure, and so on.
    Then came a film, I don’t remember the title but the actor was victor banerjee, and he as a Brahmin will be too depressed as to what he can do as he never got any appropriate jobs to his liking. Once he came across this idea of collecting human blood waste from the hospitals, and then he set up a unit in the outskirts of kolkata to boil it to the powder level and add it along with sand and make nice manure.

    He makes wonderful business and becomes one of the leading aristocrat in his locality where all addressed him as the greatest business man not being aware of what profession he is at.

    During the rainy season he is stuck with a lot of blood in drums filled to brim with no place to boil, he stores it in his guest room hall which is pretty big, and locks it up, but the strange stench leaves every one wondering what it is, one day the blood start oozing through the door to the front yard and some body sees this and makes hell all around about this. His parents also made his life miserable for taking a profession not to his status in society.

    He has no go but to run to Burn and Co which used big cauldron to boil many of it products, they help him out but though he solved his problem, he became an outcaste in his society…

    So now we know where the manure came from and how the sizes increased, this film is also true, the products I have myself seen them in Sealdah market…regards sunkan
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  2. Arunarc

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    Hello Sunkan
    Here too cauliflowers are such huge ones, but not the raddish that is really big we get big one here but it is at the most 1 to 1 1/2 foot long, Lemon too are the size of musambi, but are in almost many countries but what you are speaking is of the 70's these are of today...hehe
    Human blood used as manure that is news to me.
    people can do anything to make money...

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