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The Right Handed Sweater

Discussion in 'Interesting Shares' started by Thyagarajan, Jun 28, 2022.

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    The Right Handed Sweater

    (Told by my friend Dr. Laha)

    Long back... for the sake of treatment of my nephew, who was suffering from cancer, I used to travel from Thane to Dadar daily in suburban train.
    One day I marked one couple in their 50s , fair, slim, smiling and gracious -- husband in office dress with brief case and wife with sober colour saree with shawl. They sat very close, hand in hand on the station bench.
    They used to board the train, take a window seat and sit close to each other. Husband would read newspaper and wife would start knitting a cream coloured sweater...
    Seeing day after day I fell in love with them. I used to come early to station to find them out and see them from a distance... admiring and thanking God that the world is full of such beautiful people.
    I saw the sweater get completed till the waist portion... then the chest portion.... then the neck... then the right hand. The lady was knitting the sweater as if there was no hurry, with her quiet and steady pace and smiling face.
    And every time they would board on and alight the train hand in hand, taking care of each other amidst crowded local train.
    And then suddenly, I missed them, could not find them in the station. The next day could not find them. Days passed... 2 months passed. I got worried and impatient... I had somehow started loving them. And when I almost lost hope altogether, suddenly I found that the gentleman in his usual dress and with his briefcase was sitting on a bench.
    Gathering my courage and with all hesitancy, I walked towards him, sat beside him and asked - “Sir, sorry if am bothering you, where is ma'm?"
    He saw straight to my face with lots of queries. With a hurried breath I continued - “Sir, in fact I have been watching you both for so many months... I saw you as one of the most wonderful couples. God has created in the world. I silently admired and respect you from a distance... I used to come to station early to find you out. I used to board the same compartment as you boarded...But where is ma'm? Is she alright?"
    "No. She is no more. She left me almost 2 months back."
    I got a goose bump and a choking sensation...
    "She was suffering from throat cancer in terminal stage...She wanted to stay beside me and feel me every moment of her life. So against the advice of doctors, she used to accompany me to my office , after quickly finishing her household chores... and she started knitting a sweater for me so that I do not catch a cold and throat cancer, because she always thought this cold and pollution caused her throat cancer."
    Two trains came and gone. He was not in a hurry. Then the 3rd train came.
    He said, "I have to board this train or else I will be late to my office."
    He did not wait for me. Straight hurriedly headed to board the train...
    And then I discovered the left hand of his cream coloured sweater was still incomplete! The gentleman had put on the unfinished sweater so easily and unhesitatingly that everything else was so insignificant to him.
    He could still feel his wife beside him with this unfinished right-handed sweater....
    I could not resist my tears rolling down.
    The sweater was incomplete but their loving relation was complete -- a complete full circle!

    We all struggle to lead an incomplete life like this incomplete sweater but the warmth of one-handed sweater has the power of making the relations a full circle. With whomsoever one wants, let all other things be incomplete in life...but all relations be complete like a full circle... with love, with affection, with respect, with trust and with gratitude...
    If one run's away from incompleteness he will reach incompleteness.
    If one strive to complete the circle, he or she can make a full circle with the warmth of incompleteness.
    Let the circle of Love, Affection, Respect , Trust and Gratitude .... Full of Divine Light be there in every one's LIFE .
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