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The Process

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by RatnaMalliswari, Jul 25, 2021.

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    Anything we do in our life is a process,
    initial grinding of the gold ore to gold ornaments need processing,unless it undergo such stages,it will not turn to the end product.Incase of skipping process,or moving to alternate procedure for instant results will not give us the best product.Even when we consider our cooking process,right from grinding process it brings variance in the taste,but due to time factor and sophisticated lifestyle we have changed it, whether it is conventional or modern method, everything is process.Suppose we are making ground nut chutney,the nuts have to get processed to get that chutney texture and taste.My point is when we enjoy the states of process in all other aspects in our life then why don't we treat our problems as process to reach our goal,unless we are grinded we may not be the form of end result what we are expecting from our goal.We all want success, achieve high goals,but when we come across any interruption or problems we lose for focus, annoyed, blaming why it's happening with me only?
    We even start comparing with others end result, without looking at the process what they went through.
    Recently after seeing many incidents,I felt going through process is essential and must to reach what we want to achieve, whether we reach to our goal or not,we must learn to enjoy the process.Ofcourse whether we get our results or not but our process should be always right.So that till we achieve the process need to be iterated,as we all know results are not in our hands.Believing in self and god will always give hope to Iive and lead our life.

    Here I am writing a process quote:

    Process is the point, from where you begin.
    It ends,where we are meant to be.
    In between everything is to analyse, develop and grow.

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