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The Mystical Diamond - The Tanjore Series - The Conclusion

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by sureshmiyer, Nov 11, 2018.

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    Continued from
    The Mystical Diamond - The Tanjore Empire Series - Chapter 8

    Krishnan Raman asked King Veera Someshwara what news he brought for him.
    Veera Someshwara replied, “The sad news is that court poet Bhalanetra is no more. The good news is that Kulothunga has taken full control of the Tanjore Empire and has defeated all his enemies. Kundavai is looking for a suitable bride for him and has invited you.”
    Krishnan Raman was delighted with this news.
    “Make preparations for me immediately. I have got to go.”
    Veera Someshwara asked him to be patient and not to hurry.
    “You did not even care to hear of the shocking news left. Hiranya and Hiranmaya have been arrested and kept under imprisonment.”
    Krishnan Raman was equally shocked by this unexpected news.
    He said, “I understand you are concerned about me and do not want me to go to the Tanjore Empire. But I have never refused the orders of the Tanjore Empire and especially Queen Kundavai.”
    “Ok I know I cannot stop you my dear friend. But you being a part of this kingdom, it is our duty to ensure that you are safe till you reach the Tanjore Empire. I will be sending two of my trusted soldiers along with you.” said Veera Someshwara.
    Veera Someshwara was worried for the safety of Krishnan Raman.
    Few days passed. Veera Someshwara got the news that Krishnan Raman was killed on the way alongwith two of his soldiers.
    This news came as a blow and angered him. This was no less than an act of War. Veera Someshwara summoned his Army and prepared for an attack on the Tanjore Empire.
    He knew that his army was no match against the might of the Army of the Tanjore Empire. However, no kingdom dared to rub the Mysore kingdom the wrong way as its Army comprised of several units which specialized in Guerilla warfare and can cause considerable damage to any Army. The other obvious reason was its decades- long friendship with the Tanjore Empire.
    The Tanjore Empire has dared the Mysore kingdom and posed a challenge. King Veera Someshwara led his army and crossed the borders of the Mysore kingdom. Its guerilla outfits were kept ready in case of any threat to the King. As his army moved towards the Tanjore Palace, he could witness scenes of destruction and damage around the outskirts of the War ravaged Empire. Surprisingly his army was met with meek resistance with only a few skirmishes here and there. As he approached the Palace Gates, the Chief of the Armed Unit of the Palace recognized him as King Veera Someshwara, the friend of King Mutharaiyar and Krishna Raman and bowed before him with respect.
    Veera Someshwara was however not amused by the way Krishnan Raman was being killed and was angry at the audacity of the Empire to commit such an Act.
    “I want to meet Queen Kundavai.” He said sternly.
    He was guided to the Palace where he was stunned to see a weeping Kundavai in front of the body of Emperor Kulothunga.
    He walked towards Kundavai and sat beside her. Wiping her tears, she confided.
    “I had only asked Krishnan Raman to exit the Empire on request from Hiranmaya who came up with a truce pact. My husband is no more, Valli Mayil was killed in mysterious circumstances. I did not want any more calamities to happen in the Empire. Kulothunga was being coronated under the watchful eyes of Hiranya. The Empire was under siege from the Sinhala Kingdom. Kulothunga was a misfit as an Emperor and I was being selfish in being protective of him though he lacked the credentials. But I never thought that he was a manipulator and deceitful person.
    Krishnan Raman had handed over a Mystical Diamond to my husband and revealed its secrets. It added to the might of Mutharaiyar and he was successful in all missions ever since he had the Diamond. I was not on speaking terms with Krishnan Raman after their conquest of the Sinhala Kingdom which led to Mutharaiyar to be stuck by the seduction of wily Valli Mayil. He happened to spend more time with her and occasionally had time for me. Mutharaiyar happened to reveal the secrets of the Diamond to Valli Mayil when he was at the peak of his powers. My son Kulothunga was a voyeur and had a habit of sneaking into unsuspecting places. Unfortunately that night, he happened to be in their room to watch their act and listened to Mutharaiyar reveal about the Diamond to Valli Mayil before his another bout of romance with her. He got furious and stole the Diamond. With the Diamond, he orchestrated all the moves right from setting up Hiranmaya to enter a pact with Hiranya, ousted Krishnan Raman for the Empire, killed Valli Mayil and gained the confidence of the people of the Empire. Once he gained power, he showed his true nature, crushed the Sinhala kingdom which was controlling the Empire and put Hiranya and Hiranmaya into imprisonment. Unaware of his moves, I was really awestruck seeing my wayward son becoming a tyrannical ruler. But the motherly love in me and my hatred towards the family of Valli Mayil, I secretly admired my son taking over the Empire. But I was not aware of his machinations till one day, when I raised the topic of his marriage, he requested me to invite Krishnan Raman. That day I felt so happy and immediately sent orders for inviting Krishnan Raman. The news of the arrest of Hiranya and Hiranmaya had also spread around the Empire by then. Kulothunga proved me wrong. The killing of Krishnan Raman came as a shock to me. I called Kulothunga and asked him to act upon the traitors who did this act. Kulothunga laughed aloud and spoke about the Diamond and his scheming ways in gaining the control of the Empire. I was furious with Kulothunga as had taken three lives. He killed Valli Mayil, he killed my brother Krishnan Raman but most importantly he stole the Diamond. It was the missing Diamond that led to his father Mutharaiyar getting unwell and his untimely death.”

    Kundavai revealed about the secrets of the Mystical Diamond and handed it over to Veera Someshwara.
    Veera Someshwara had an enormous task in front of him. He had to quell the challenge posed by the enemy kingdoms as well as end the internal discontent which was rising within the Empire.
    He ordered the release of Hiranya and Hiranmaya and requested Kundavai to guide and chart the further course of action to be taken in the interest of the Empire.
    Kundavai called Hiranya and Hiranmaya. She expressed her wish that Hiranmaya be made the next Emperor and Hiranya shall be his Commander in chief.
    Hiranya endorsed the wish of Kundavai. Kundavai expressed her apologies to Hiranmaya and Hiranya.
    "I'm guilty for the acts of my son which caused you both deep sorrow. You can give any punishment to me."
    King Veera Someshwara intervened, "I hope we may not go back to whatever happened. The bitterness within the Empire should go away. That will be our ultimate tribute to Mutharaiyar. I am happy to see Hiranmaya taking over the reins of the Empire. He has all the qualities of his grandfather Elangovathiarayan. "
    Hiranmaya fell at the feet of Kundavai and Veera Someshwara and took their blessings.
    He ordered implementation of five major tasks before his coronation of the Emperor.
    'The Sinhala army should quickly retreat from all their positions in the Tanjore Empire.
    He told Hiranya to put and end to the rebellion within and outside the Empire and sought the help of Emperor Veera Someshwara in this mission.
    He ordered the handing over of all kingdoms under the control of Tanjore Empire back to the respective kings and pledged that the Tanjore Empire will not exercise any authority over them.
    He called all the artisans in and around the Empire to build a grand Shiva temple in the middle of the Tanjore Empire and restore its Architectural and cultural glory. He himself took upon the task of designing the construction of the temple.
    He restored the tradition of holding cultural celebrations once a year and rewarding the eminent poets and artists as was done under the rule of the Great Emperor Elangovathiarayan.'
    "Till all these tasks are achieved, Queen Kundavai will rule the Empire." declared Hiranmaya.
    Kundavai was in tears.
    Every one around agreed in unison and hailed Hiranmaya and Kundavai.
    The Sinhala army made a hasty retreat. The kings around the Empire were happy at getting back control of their kingdoms and blessed Hiranmaya.
    There were few kingdoms and factions within the Empire which had kept the fire of rebellion going by making attacks on civilians and bleeding the Empire.
    Hiranmaya and Hiranya organized their forces and defeated them after an intense battle.
    Meanwhile the construction of the grand Shiva temple was initiated. It took eighteen months to complete the temple in all its glory.
    The cultural celebrations were planned coinciding with the opening of the temple to the devotees around the world.
    Hiranmaya called the sages from the Himalayas and arranged a Yagna to appease the sins committed during the course of this long war and prayed for the dead souls to rest in peace.
    In a few months, peace returned to the kingdom of Tanjore. The warring groups reconciled and buried their past differences. Women and children began to feel safe and the citizens felt happy and secured. The vultures which walked around flew away and peacocks danced around in step with other birds as flowers bloomed everywhere.
    There was joy in the Empire all round as cultural glory of the Tanjore Empire as envisioned by Elangovathiarayan was restored.
    As the coronation of Emperor was set to begin with the finishing touches given to the temple Kundavai called Hiranmaya and revealed to him about the Mystical Diamond in presence of King Veera Someshwara.
    Hiranmaya, on hearing about the Mystical Diamond said, "With the blessings of the Lord I have complete faith in ruling the Tanjore Empire and uphold the welfare of my people. I wish to hand over back the Mystical Diamond back to the sages who have come from Himalayas."
    King Veera Someshwara intervened, "No dear! The Maharishi had given the diamond to Elangovathiarayan for a divine purpose. You have the responsibility to fulfill the objective of the Mystical Diamond."
    Hiranmaya replied, "As you wish I will keep the Mystical Diamond as a tribute to my father."
    He took upon himself to climb the temple and design a chamber over the Tower of the temple. The people of the Tanjore Empire were amazed to watch their Prince as he completed the design in a few days. News spread around that the missing Mystical Diamond which was an important part of the Royal family tradition had been found out. The people were feeling ecstatic and prayed and danced with devotion. Hiranmaya summoned thousands of horse carts to push a single boulder weighing over 80 tonnes over the chamber containing the diamond on the top of the Vimana Tower at a height of 65 m above the majestic temple. It took around another hundred days under the gaze of the military under newly crowned Emperor Hiranmaya for the said act. Kundavai watched with tears as men kept engaged tirelessly over restoring the pride of the Empire . The single boulder fitted nicely over the mystical diamond and stood radiantly as a crown over the majestic Vimana Tower. When the first rays of the sun kissed the temple, the temple went golden in color and no reflection of the sun fell on either side.
    King Veera Someshwara heaved a sigh of relief and was pleased that the balance of the powers of Nature has been restored as the secrets lay hidden inside the safe confines of the abode of GOD, who is all pervading.
    Emperor Hiranmaya took his blessings as he set to go back for his kingdom of Mysore. The diamond lay safely above the grand temple and its secrets will lay buried for ever

    Written by
    Suresh M Iyer
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    Nice update but sad to know that the story got ended soon. Try to write more stories
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    Will try to write better
    Got poor response

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    Very well written, I liked your historical story.:blush:

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