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The Mystical Diamond - The Tanjore Empire Series - Chapter 8

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by sureshmiyer, Nov 5, 2018.

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    Continued from
    The Mystical Diamond - The Tanjore Empire Series - Chapter 7

    Hiranya got enraged by the death of Valli Mayil. He accused Krishnan Raman of killing his mother. The Sinhala kingdom held a meeting with the other kings for ousting Kundavai and killing Krishna Raman to avenge the death of Valli Mayil. The loyalties of the people of Tanjore Empire though was with Kundavai and Krishnan Raman. Kulothunga was getting wary of the prevailing situation. He was not happy with Kundavai prevailing on Krishnan Raman. He hated Krishnan Raman ever since his father married second Queen Valli Mayil. He sent message to Hiranmaya. Hiranmaya had just returned from his journey from Mount Kailas on hearing the twin news of sorrow - the death of his father and his mother. Hiranmaya had great respect for Kundavai and felt that this internal war was the reason for Valli Mayils killing. He had to stop this war and agreed for a deal with Kulothunga. Only hitch was convincing Hiranya.

    He confronted Hiranya

    "Stop this war at once brother. We do not want to lose more lives."

    "You have no right to talk Hiranya. Go back to your mountains and spend dancing with your Lord's"

    Hiranya shouted back.

    Hiranmaya patiently tried to instil sense in Hiranya.

    But all that Hiranya wanted was revenge.

    Hiranmaya advised Hiranya that the sympathies of the Tanjore Empire still lay with Kundavai and any misadventure on his part will prove costly.

    Krishnan Raman on the other hand was in a quandary. He did not worry for himself but that of Kundavai and her son.

    He rushed to Kundavai to apprise her of the grave situation.

    Kundavai stopped him before he proceeded to say anything.

    "You need not say anything brother."

    Her words comforted Krishnan Raman

    Kundavai had spoken to Krishnan Raman after 18 long years.

    She had stopped speaking to him after the conquest of the Sinhala kingdom.

    His whole being was filled with positive energy as he had always yearned her to speak.

    He would not have minded if she had shouted at him or punished him. But her silence was killing him till now.

    "You please quit as the Commander in chief and exit the Empire." she said.

    Krishnan Raman was shocked.

    "I will quit from all positions but cannot leave you in danger. I will lay down my life but won't allow anyone to harm this Empire."

    Kundavai did not seem to listen to him.

    She said, "Your presence is not going to help this Empire anymore. You go to the kingdom of Mysore. I have arranged for your safe passage."

    Krishnan Raman was in tears. He was being banished from the Empire.

    He said, "I accept your orders my sister. But I am worried about this Empire. It's under attack from all sides."

    Kundavai said, "I have taken care of everything. You need not worry."

    Krishnan Raman refused to move. He wanted assurance that Kundavai was safe.

    She said, "Mutharaiyar is no more and it's time our sons decide the future of the Empire. Kulothunga has already talked to Hiranmaya and they have worked out a deal with consent of Hiranya."

    Krishnan Raman asked, "What's the deal?"

    She said, "No one likes your presence. Kulothunga views you as the reason behind his father marrying Valli Mayil. Valli Mayil never approved of the status accorded to you. Now that she is no more Hiranya is angry at you as he thinks you are the reason for her death. Hiranmaya suggested that Kulothunga be crowned Emperor and Hiranya will control the whole Empire in return for a deal."

    Krishnan Raman asked, ”What was that?"

    "Hiranya wants you to be killed."

    Krishnan Raman knew that it was a clever ploy by Hiranya to occupy the throne through deceit. He tried convincing Kundavai that he did not fear death.

    ‌Kundavai replied, "Please understand. At this moment peace has to return to the Empire. I have agreed on the truce pact of my sons on condition that you will be sent out of the kingdom and will not be harmed. Your presence will make it difficult for peace to return to the Empire. You go to Mysore."

    King Veera Someshwara was the son of King Veera Bhadra who was a trusted ally of the Tanjore Empire. Veera Someshwara, Krishnan Raman and Mutharaiyar were close friends during their childhood days and had together taken training in warfare.

    Krishnan Raman agreed with a heavy heart. He understood the dilemma of Kundavai who was trying to save the Empire from disintegrating. Krishnan Raman was struck with disappointment of being treated like a traitor. He had so loyally served the Emperor and his kingdom for so many years. Krishnan Raman advised Kundavai to take care of her son Kulothunga and left for Mysore.

    Veera Someshwara welcomed Krishnan Raman with open arms.

    "The kingdom of Mysore welcomes you."

    Krishnan Raman accepted his greetings but began to live life as a recluse.

    Meanwhile an uneasy calm prevailed at the Empire of Tanjore. The coronation of Kulothunga was being undertaken under the watchful eyes of Hiranya and the Sinhala army. Kundavai was effectively a prisoner at their hands though she was overseeing the coronation process of her son. Hiranmaya who had brought in this uneasy truce remained the only sane voice who tried to usher in normalcy. He was of the view that the Sinhala army should return back to the Sinhala kingdom which was hotly contested by Hiranya.

    A year passed by since Kulothunga took over as the Emperor. Krishnan Raman spent all his time in deep thoughts. Inactivity and introspection left him lethargic and uninterested in anything.

    One day King Veera Someshwara came towards him, "I have some news for you."

    Krishnan Raman looked uninterested.

    "It's about the Tanjore Empire."

    Krishnan Raman's eyes gleamed at the mention of Tanjore Empire.

    “What news!”

    “I have three types of news” replied Veera Someshwara.

    “One is sad news, one is good news and one is shocking news.”

    To be continued...

    Written by Suresh M Iyer

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