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The Moon, The Moon, The Moon Is Afire

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by SuiDhaaga, Jan 24, 2022.

  1. SuiDhaaga

    SuiDhaaga IL Hall of Fame

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    New moon
    Blue moon
    Will this protect us
    From sadness and gloom

    How much are we controlled
    How much is our free will
    Will things happen as they happen

    Even if we do nothing
    And stand still

    Blue moon
    True moon

    How are living beings
    Affected on the moon

    Do they have
    Whole Earth
    Half Earth

    Do the micro organisms on Moon
    Never face mirth or dearth
    Because they dance
    According to the stance
    Of sweet ole planet Earth

    What about Saturn
    What about Jupiter
    What about Neptune

    Surely, surely

    They follow the best of
    Their moons

    Some have one moon
    Some have two moons
    Some have even three

    Who says the best things in life
    Are never, never free

    We skip
    We hop
    We dance

    We are surrounded by circumstance
    By chance, it is in the Moon
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  2. Thyagarajan

    Thyagarajan IL Hall of Fame

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    :hello:Kudos to poet @SuiDhaaga
    in the hall of IL. I propose to IL declare monthly award for best contributor of poems. Had it been implemented, right away your poems would be adjudged the best.

    2. I find the poem of moon posted by Sui is nothing short of pouring from a heart that is gripped with apprehensions and emotions of life especially the married life .

    3. In India a cross section has faith in astrology and believe in matching horoscope to find compatible life partner and love in domestic arena, moon’s position in horoscope/birth chart studied. Moon is considered not as a satellite but a planet for this purpose.
    4. You know that moon is connected with mental abilities and too much of its influence believed to cause imbalance . Hence word moonstruck.

    5. Though Armstrong & co landed on the moon and brought moonland samples, still the belief of its influence and study in the birth charts goes on. Moon finds place in movies in romantic scenes.

    6. Your poem has brought out how people associate moon with changing moods and affect relationship . You have raised question about effects of moons of other planets. The moon visible to us from Earth is nearer and other moons of other planets are far far away and therefore their impact on humans and animals must be quite negligible or insignificant. It is believed moon and other planets constantly affect the lives and oceans through earth gravity. Science says High and low tides are linked to moon’s phase. Lunatics seem to get more affected on full or blue moon days.

    7. New assignments or tasks taken up on amavasya or during waxing period of moon (considered auspicious) come to fruition without encountering any obstacles. A school of thought avers that Sex of babies in womb occurs based on the moment of conceiving that falls on waxing or waning period of moon.

    8. The poem reminds me of literary master - Somerset Mugham’s The Moon & Six pence. In hindu mythology there is a story*
    about moon & Lord Ganesha as to why moon is cursed not to visible for a day or visible partially other days of the month.
    God Bless.

    Moon Boon Lord & Kozhukattai
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  3. SuiDhaaga

    SuiDhaaga IL Hall of Fame

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    Your responses are the best, they should be in IL Hall of Fame!

    I’m trying to be more alert about the type if Moon and any feelings, or tasks to complete.

    It’s too soon to determine any patterns.

    I think using the Moon, and Astronomy is a lost science through the many eons of Indian civilization.
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