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The Joy of "Salary Cover"

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by ridgemma, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. ridgemma

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    I remember the days when my mom and dad used to bring the salary cover with a box of sweets, flowers for swami.I still can reminisce the smell of my mom's bag especially on the salary day.It would be a mixture of fresh rupee notes, sweets, jasmine flower. My parents would place the cover before swami almirah, piously, do a namaskar and then would turn to us to distribute the sweet packet.Me,my brother and sister would feel so joyful and would plead my mom and dad to show us the bunch of new rupee notes.There will also be a competition to hold those new rupee notes.I still can feel the way I felt when I held those fresh notes,very responsible and with fear, care.That night we will also be taken for our monthly quota of nite show.Those are the days when we used to handle Rs.5 with so much care. And the joyof darshan of this bunch of fresh notes will happen only once in a month. Those days, we had so little but we were so content and joyful.Today I earn much more than my parents, but feel nothing special on the day of salary.Its just like any other day.And, I forgot to say, on my salary day I get a wry sms from the phone banking service "your A/c has been credited", which is no way in comparison to the joy of "salary cover"

    The joy of getting "salary in cover" is gone.

  2. Vysan

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    Nice write up..... I fully agree with you... When you get your salary by cash in you hand, the pleasure is something different.... But with todays direct wire transfers, we dont even feel that we are getting the salary... When we withdraw from the bank, we dont feel like receipt of salary, but feels like you savings is getting diluted... The feeling of happiness on receipt is replaced....

    With chques and credit cards coming into play, the actual possession of cash in hand has slowly reduced to a lot ....

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