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The Hype About Valentine's Day. Is It Necessary ?

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by SGBV, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. SGBV

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    It was our 16th Valentine’s day as a couple. But this time, there was so much hype about this day at our home. Since the time our kids learned about this day, they wanted us to celebrate it extravagantly .

    Years back when we were in a love relationship, Valentine’s day was so special. In fact, we would plan ahead and do a lot of preparations like going out on a date or movie or special lunch/dinner together etc..etc… to spend this day in a memorable way. Not to mention about the gifts and planning work for such gifts each time. Especially, we would plan around everything about the gifts, including the colour, theme and design of the wrapping paper to make it special.

    After marriage, the hype about Valentine’s day and almost all the other days including first meeting day, proposal day, love anniversary, wedding day etc..etc… slowly diminished. These days became normal like yet another day in our lives.

    Except for birthdays and wedding anniversary I hardly remember wishing my spouse for any special day, leave alone gifting or celebrating. Nevertheless, we enjoyed our lives. Enjoyed everything mentioned above like outing, movies, special lunch/dinner, and visit to restaurant, candle light dinner, beach and what not in our marriage. Just that, they happened spontaneously without any planning.

    My H would get me a rose if he feels like giving me one. He would just pick a beautiful rose from the garden and request me to wear it in my hair just like that. There won't be anything poetic here.

    I chose his dress for the parties and functions. I order him gifts whenever I feel like giving him one.

    Likewise, he would buy me cloths, accessories etc..etc… on need basis, or else just instinctively as and when he feels like doing so.

    No cards or poetic words that express our love these days. Not even the magic 3 words “I love you” these days. But I know he loves me, and he knows I love him. And more importantly we care for each other and support each other much more than we did before.

    I used to wonder as to, why so much hype about this Valentine’s day? Especially, for married couples with children like us? When life became so routine, and you are so comfortable in the love and relationship in your marriage, celebrating special days becomes secondary.

    In fact, every day is Valentine’s day if you are in a right relationship. However, we don’t cherish every day unless it is celebrated.

    We go to restaurant and movies and enjoy the evenings at the beach regularly and eventually forget about it in the coming days. But we remember the same and more importantly cherish it when a movie date coupled with a candle light dinner at a good restaurant happen on a special day like Valentine’s day. It is special for a reason.

    Wearing a special dress – if that is gifted by your spouse, and making memories by taking pictures together and sharing love deliberately with heartwarming words would certainly rejuvenate your life.

    By the time your FB memory flash out pictures of such special event in the following years, no matter what, they would bring happy tears in your eyes. That’s the beauty of celebrating these days, no matter how you love each other.

    Thanks to my children, who wanted to celebrate this Valentine’s day in a special way. Thus, I and my H decided to teach them what LOVE means, and what special this day was for us.

    We recreated our pre-marriage beautiful times once again. We remembered those beautiful journey of ours, and shared the nuances of those days with kids. It was lot of fun. In fact, we explained our kids about the hardships we faced during our relationship, and how we overcame everything by prioritizing each other first. Our explanation rather reminded us about the love we had on each other, and how special we treat each other in our lives.

    It melted my heart when my H told the kids that he saw an angel in his classroom back in 2004, and that angel has became his guardian angel since then. My H – The person who rarely express, spoke his mind out finally. Thanks to Valentine’s day.

  2. Thyagarajan

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    :hello:Kudos to fine narration of love & necessity of it’s celebration.

    But why it is celebrated only on 14 Feb. From narration I find, every day it is not possible to celebrate the love though this exists (or not).

    But then when I checked up the origins of this valentine day in the link
    What is Valentine's Day? Why do we celebrate on this day? | Roses Only

    It looks bit odd. In Ancient Rome, A catholic male saint by the name Valentine was behind protecting converted Christian soldiers in secret wedlock. He was jailed. The message was to reiterate importance of love in marriage.

    But today media projects it That it is a celebration only between lovers , a man and his girl friend.

    But such a celebration, in the modern rat race, is needed to demonstrate love and affection to others that include spouse.

    No doubt businessmen exploit this day, like any other celebration or festival day to make fast buck but the recipient of the gifts that includes a Rose orRoses remember at least that gifting moments happened in their life.

    Thanks and Regards.
  3. Balajee

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    The whole "Day" business is silly. For the drop of a hat we have some DAY or other. Why a separate day for love? Every day is a lover's day if the love is true. Otherwise Valentine's day is just an occasion for whole lot of entrepreneurs ranging from florists to gift shops to restaurants to make a quick buck.
  4. Hopikrishnan

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    Fast buck, quick buck, etc... are voluntary commercial transactions. No one is being mugged. They see roses, they buy roses, and barter them for something even more valuable. Same goes for Birthdays. Cake-party, Temple-pooja are all good things. Gets the money moving, and people sit on that milestone and have a think.
    Saraswathi-day, Ganesh-day, Nanak-day, Deepa-day, all good things. I like them all.
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