The Great American Discovery!

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    For ever Us is busy with new findings and to be mistakened with something else.

    One of the discoveries-

    Two years back Americans discovered a new planet. The observation and the observatory was fully guarded. Anyway to make sure of the inference scientifically went on a thoroughscrutiny. This is the only part I admire . their attitude to be more perfect. Something we Indians need to learn from any westerner.
    Coming back to the story, the man leading the team spent whole night on their findings. The next day before he could start with his investigations, as usual, cleaned the the lens of the Telescope. Out went the new planet- I mean it went out of sight as it was a mall speck in the lense, giving way to such a misgiving.- a small dust particle! What do you think those Astronmers could do rather than look at each other for blundering and declaring to the world of their new exploration and find means of covering their story of discovery.

    This morning I happened to get an E-mail about an article on Life on mars in Times Online. The sceintist are very skeptical about their conclusions. They feel it could be anything from Bin Laden to a humanoid in Mars.

    One thing for sure- Osama Bin laden is an unavoidable element for U.S.- who cannot be ignored! L:idea:ideaong live America. kanaka

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