The Game of Invention i started came in FM

Discussion in 'Indians in UAE' started by balamotwani, Oct 16, 2007.

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    Dear Dubai Friends,

    Do you all listen to FM 101.6, i listen from morning 7.30AM. Today Keerthika started the topic " What you like to Invent?", the same game i started in Indus Ladies Forum few days back and no one participated.Dont ask me Who is keerthika - please tune your radio to FM 101.6, she is famous and the best of her is Birthday Pappu.

    It was my bad luck bcos many dont see jokes, forwards and games here and that day it was announced in IL that these post and threads will not appear in new post. Oh no.

    But you should see the respond that she got. Oh no. I am always unlucky. I tried calling but i never got thru.

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