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The blame game is the only thing that is stable...

Discussion in 'News & Politics' started by Shanvy, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. Shanvy

    Shanvy IL Hall of Fame

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    I usually stay away from controversial topics these days, as i don't have so much of time to indulge in arguments and discussions which i love.

    but this news clipping i saw this morning brought me out of the stupor i was in.

    there is excess food grains in the states, and there is no storage space, that these gains are stored on the roads, on the tank bunds anywhere.

    Food grain rots in Punjab as prices soar

    when 1/3rd of the world is desperate for food, there is so much of food that is left to rot. what irritates me more, is the blame game, that this food grain is property of the government of india and they have not taken proper measures, when the official was asked why not give it away to the needy instead of leaving it rot.

    it is said that 2/3rd of the produce in india goes to rot for want of storage space.

    last year, i read the same for the electricity produced in a state. the private players have been producing excess of electricity that is not used as there is not storage facilities.

    when we have excess rains is certain states, there is no proper desiliting of the dams and reservoirs which are not able to retain the water. when these dams can hold 10m the silt is around 6m and the water that is stored is only about 4m. there is so much money that passes hands in the name of nrega, infrastructure, but where does the buck disappear is a query that never finds answer.

    Oh, agriculture minister blames the ministers of the state, the railway minister..and the circle goes on looping...the aam aadmi is left standing out, holding a bowl for a roti or a cup of rice..

    I don't have much to say....it pains me so much to see people who commit suicide, eat rats, eat anything that is available, when there is so much that can be shared...if the mind and the power of certain people start to act as humans .....

    I seriously wonder, who is in cahoots, in increasing the food prices and keeping the inflation at 2digits....we have politicians who get their own statues erected (for fear that nobody will do it posthumously:rotfl) we have people who are so blind with ?? who adorn their leaders with currency garlands..

    well if tagore were here today, he may say..

    where the people, have a full square meal,
    where the people have a good education,
    where the people are in love with their neighbors,
    where the people are free of guilt,
    where the people are brave to face the truth,
    where the people are strong to fight,
    into that heaven of freedom my father,
    let my country awake...

    I rest my case with a :drowning:drowning

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