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The Bargain .

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by ksuji, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. ksuji

    ksuji Gold IL'ite

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    Gopal and Rangan were studying in 4th standard . Also they were residing in adjacent houses.

    Gopal was naive , shy and timid.

    But Rangan was very bold and highly sociable. He was somewhat more matured for his age and could talk to his elders very easily. For buying anything he will bargain with the vendors.


    This happened, may be, just prior to 1960.


    Gopal's father wanted to get banana leaves for the function to be held in his house on that day. So he gave 2 annas to Gopal and asked him to buy 10 banana leaves .

    Gopal , as usual , went to Rangan and sought his help .

    Both of them went to the street corner where an old lady was selling banana leaves. . Gopal handed over the two annas, his father gave him , to Rangan and told that his father wanted 10 leaves. .

    Gopal and Rangan were standing in front of that old lady. .

    She was already shouting at a prospective buyer who was bargaining. .

    For Gopal her appearance and shouting were quite frightening. Thoughts were running in his mind ,” will she slap or beat?”

    The deal with the other buyer was over and he moved away with a few banana leaves in his hands.

    Now it was Rangan's turn.

    Rangan asked the lady , “How about the banana leaves?”

    The lady replied,” The cost of one leaf is half an anna.”

    Rangan started his bargain :

    “Will you give four leaves for quarter of an anna ?”

    THAT WAS ALL - Gopal started to run with as much speed as he could towards his house , as if he were running In a race.


    After 5 minutes, Rangan came home with 10 banana leaves in his hands which he bought for one and a quarter annas.

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  2. Adharv

    Adharv Gold IL'ite

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    :lol::lol: Like my sis ;)

    good one ma'am :thumbup: thank you!
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