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Discussion in 'Married Life' started by jooti, Oct 4, 2007.

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    hi everyone, ijust wanted to thank you all for your words of support. As many or you have suggested, i already asked for forgiveness from my inlaws, ands at that time they accepted it, but i feel like i am continuously being punished for it from them and my husband. I feel sad that they would argue with a sick pregnant women, and worry only about how they thought i was mistreating their daughter. now my il's think i should be able to losten to all they have to say, which i have done, as i am much stronger,but they are gossiping to eveyone in their town about how bad i am as a person etc. But, again i have said nothing, nor have i confronted them. when my SIL comes, she does nothing, but play with my child, she sits theire, eats and that';s it! i have stopped complaing to my husband as we jsut can;t agree. i come to my frineds for support, becasue i have none from my husband. thanks again!

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