Terms & Conditions : Indusladies 4th Annual International Women’s Day Blog Contest

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    1. Eligibility:
    (a) Participants must attach the provided contest banner (200x200 or 120x240 pixels) in their contest entry.
    (c) Participants should provide a link to the announcement in their blog entry.
    (d) Participants must provide a link to their entry in the comments section of the contest announcement blog.
    (e) Participants must be a member of Indusladies (to provide link to your entry). If you are not one, do join. It’s Free.
    (f) The word limit for the entry is 500.
    (h) Contestants must be 21 years of age.
    (i) Minimum quality (as decided by the panel of judges) is needed to get the participation gift of Indusladies cap.

    2. Contest Period
    Contest runs from February 16 to 28, 2013. All times mentioned in this contest are IST.

    3. Participation
    (a) Please re-read and edit your entry before you submit. If you discover an error only after submission, there is no way you can edit/delete your entry on the IndusLadies site and no emails will be entertained for correction of entry.
    (b) Please do not put any personally identifying information in the body of your entry. By this we mean no by-line, signature, credit line, copyright notice or symbol.
    (c) The word limit is 500 for valid entries
    (d) All competing blog entries must be in English.
    (e) Entries must be your own, original work, and previously unpublished anywhere, in print or online. (We interpret “published” to mean that there was some form of editorial or jury selection and/or payment involved. So work that appeared on a personal blog or un-moderated forum is okay, but something that won you a prize somewhere is not. Something that may have been selected to be printed in a newspaper is published, whether you got paid for it or not.
    (f) There is no entry fee.

    4. Submission Limitations & Rights
    By entering this Contest, you explicitly
    (i) Certify that you meet the eligibility requirements as set forth in these Official Rules;
    (ii) Represent and warrant that you have not used any licensed material or any material owned or controlled by someone other than you in your submission, including, without limitation, words, music, graphics or artwork as they may apply; and
    (iii) Represent and warrant that your submission is your sole and original work and you have not copied or plagiarized the content or the concept from other material.
    (iv) Submissions remain the intellectual property of the entrants, but by submitting an entry, you give IndusLadies and the sponsors permission to use your entry, with no payment to you, in their websites, as part of marketing materials and Press Release (where they may be reproduced by media organizations).
    (v) We will retain rights on your entries, for the duration of the contest, and thereafter, the rights revert back to you.

    5. Winner Selection:
    Decision made by the panel is final and binding. No appeals or argument will be entertained on that matter.

    6. Prizes:
    We can ship the prize winning Caps, T-Shirts and cash certificates to Indian addresses. In case the winner is residing somewhere else in the world, you would want to work out shipment to your address from India. In case contest participation exceeds available gift materials, an alternative gift at or above the announced gift value will be provided. No disputes will be entertained on that matter.

    Entrant agrees to these terms and conditions, and no disputes will be entertained.

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    well, this is a great step to make us women move forward

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