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    Rice Roti - a little extra effort & you have a delicious dish !

    I am giving 2 different methods of preparing Rice Roti.

    Processed rice flour - 1 cup

    Water - as given


    For the processed rice flour, soak rice in water for 1 hr, drain well & spread on a cloth.

    When it is fairly dry, sieve fine – made this way, the roti is soft.

    Boil 1 ½ cups water with salt.

    When boiling starts, remove ½ cup of water as reserve, add the flour in one mass, stirring continuously to prevent lump formation.

    If the water is not sufficient, add more from the reserved water.

    When the cooking is complete, remove & cool.

    Knead to a smooth dough. If you have a Food processor, use it for kneading.

    Rest for 30 mts.

    Make small balls ( size between lemon & orange ! ), place on a tava & pat with hands till flat & as thin as possible.

    Make 3 holes on the roti with the back end of a teaspoon & pour 1 tsp oil in all the holes together.

    This helps it to cook uniform & crisp.

    Cover & cook, turn over when one side is done.

    Keep 2 tavas & alternately use them, washing one in water when the other one is on the stove.

    Serve hot.


    Cooked rice - 1½ cup

    Rice flour - 2 cups



    Liquidise the cooked rice with little water & salt, very well.

    Add rice flour & mix to a smooth dough.

    Rest for 30 mts.

    Proceed as before.

    This also is best served hot.

    The karnataka version is called Akki Roti, the recipe for which, I shall post separately.

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    Ven Pongal - Month of Margazi starts tomorrow !

    This is customarily made as an offering to the Lord, specially in the month of Margazhi.

    Steaming hot pongal with Gothsu in winter mornings - what more can you ask for ?

    Rice (thin variety is best ) – 1 cup

    Moong dhal (roasted to light pink ) - ½ cup

    Oil ( oil+ghee tastes delicious ) - 2 tbsp ( more is optional)

    Pepper 1tsp & jeera 1 tsp coarsely powdered

    Grated ginger - 2 tsp

    Hing , cashew chopped , curry leaves, salt

    Raw jeera - 1 tsp

    Ligtly roast rice also & soak rice & dhal for 30 mts.

    If you are using thin variety of rice which takes water in the proportion 1:2 – for rice & dhal take 3 ½ cups of water.

    The variety of rice called Jeeraka Samba gives the best taste to pongal.

    If you do not use thin variety of rice, increase water suitably.

    In the pressure pan take water , add strained rice & dhal , raw jeera , hing , salt & when it starts boiling well , close the cooker , put the weight & lower the gas . Switch off after 10 mts &leave the pressure to drop on its own.

    After opnening if you like soft mushy pongal , lightly mash it. ( some prefer grainy texture ).

    Heat ghee , temper pepper 1tsp & jeera 1 tsp coarsely powdered , cashew , ginger & curry leaves.

    Mix well , serve topped with little ghee.

    It is better not to wait for cooker whistle , since rarely , moong dhal can clog the vent & create problem. Instead of fully water you can add little milk with water . The taste is very good. Depending on rice quality increase or decrease water.
    Idlis,VenPongal,Tomato Kurma and Coconut Chutney-1.JPG
    For SBS photos, please go to

    Bombay rava - 1 cup

    Moong dhal - ½ cup (dry roast lightly till aroma comes )

    Oil ( oil+ghee tastes delicious ) - 3 tbsp

    Pepper 1tsp & jeera 1 tsp coarsely powdered

    Grated ginger - 2 tsp

    Hing , cashew chopped , curry leaves, salt.

    Soak dhal in boiling water for minimum 30 mts.

    In a pressure pan boil dhal with 1 cup of water for 1 whistle.

    Cool , open & strain the dhal , reserving the strained water.

    Boil 2 cups of water (include the strained water ) & keep ready.

    Wash the pan , put it on heat again.

    Add oil, temper pepper 1tsp & jeera 1 tsp coarsely powdered , cashew, ginger & curry leaves & finally roast the rava to make it hot. (already roasted – refer rava upma).

    Now add water , boiled dhal & salt.

    Whisk well free of lumps , close the cooker & keep the weight.

    Do not wait for whistle, simmer the gas & switch off after 8 mts.

    Cool, open & top with little ghee.
    rava pongal-3.jpg
    Rava Kichdi:

    To the above, mixed, boiled vegetables & a pinch of haldi are added.

    It is made more soft than pongal.

    Instead of boiled vegetables, tomatoes only can be added & it is also called rava bath.

    Wheat rawa pongal:

    Same as rava pongal . Use 2 ½ 3 cups of water & cook on sim for 10 mts. It is enough if you use 2 tbsp of oil.

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    Masal Pori - Can be made in a jiffy.

    Arisi Pori - 8 cups

    Roasted Peanuts - upto 1 cup

    Cashew nuts, chopped - ½ cup ( optional)

    Garlic - 10 pieces ( optional)

    Red chillies - 4,5

    Curry leaves - few

    Haldi - ¼ tsp

    Hing - ½ tsp

    Oil - 3 tbsp ( coconut oil suits best – the option is yours)

    Mustard seeds - 1 tsp

    Peel & chop garlic very fine.

    Cut red chillies with a pair of scissors into very fine pieces.

    Heat oil, add mustard seeds, after they splutter, add peanuts, chopped garlic, fry till golden, add red chillies, haldi, hing & finally the pori.

    Stir well, remove, cool & store airtight.

    Since pori already contains salt, unless preferred, do not add salt.

    Hing & red chillies fried in ½ tsp oil & powdered, can be added, for a variation.

    A pinch of garam masala can be added when tempering.

    Since peanuts & garlic will settle at the bottom, before using every time, mix thoroughly.
    15thmay 004.jpg
    A few suggestions:

    1- With masal pori, mix grated carrot, finely chopped onions, omappodi or karaboondi & 2 tsp tomato sauce – it is very tasty.

    2- Mix chopped onions & 2 tsp fresh curds & use immediately before pori becomes soft.

    3- Pori upma – boil chopped vegetables – in little oil, fry onions & tomatoes, add drained vegetables, salt, masal pori & mix well. Add a squeeze of lemon & use immediately.
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    Ways with Sevai - so Versatile, yet so easy !

    Idiappam, sevai, rice sticks can all be done the following ways.

    For rice sticks, prepare as given in the instructions in the packing.

    The measurements given are for 3 cups of sevai.

    Wherever necessary for tempering, urad dhal & gram dhal must be soaked in water for 30 mts – 1 hr, drained completely, dried on a coth & used. This will make them very crisp. Chopped cashewnuts are optional in all recipes.

    If you prefer, decrease the amount of dhal from what is given.

    Either a combination of red chillies & green chillies or red chillies alone can be used.

    Oil has to be slightly on the higher side as for “kalantha saadam” .

    Porichu kottina sevai:

    In 2 tbsp oil, add 1 tsp mustard seeds, 1 tbsp each of , urad dhal & gram dhal, chillie, hing powder & curry leaves. Mix with sevai & salt. 2 tbsp grated coconut is added to enhance the taste.

    Thengai sevai;

    Same as above, but omit gram dhal & use 2 tbsp urad dhal.At the end of the tempering, add 3 tbsp of grated coconut till lightly fried & add. Raw coconut is not necessary.
    thenga sevai.jpg

    Lemon Sevai;

    Use 2 tbsp gram dhal, omit urad dhal & coconut, add ¼ tsp haldi at the end of tempering. Add lime juice & mix well.
    lemon sevai.jpg

    Milaku Sevai;

    Coarsely powder pepper & jeera ( desired amounts). Chopped cashew is a must.

    Temper in a mixture of 1 tbsp each of ghee & oil, the above two & curry leaves.
    milaku sevai.jpg

    Thayir Sevai;

    Follow the method given for bahala bath.

    Sweet sevai;

    With sugar: - When the sevai is very hot ( or warm it ), add powdered sugar, mix well, add cardamom powder & chopped cashew, fried in ghee.

    With jaggery: - Mix 1 cup grated coconut, ¾ cup ( or less, as per taste) powdered jaggery, & heat till they blend & form a mass.

    Remove from fire, add cardamom powder & chopped cashew, fried in ghee.
    vella sevai.jpg

    Vegetable Sevai;

    Steam 1 cup of finely chopped vegetables like carrots, beans, peas etc.

    Roast 2 red chillies, 2 tsp each of urad & gram dhals , 2 tsp dhaniya & hing & powder, to be added to the sevai when mixing.

    Proceed as before. Temper with only mustard seeds & curry leaves.Add the steamed vegetables, lightly fry , remove from fire & mix everything. Adding little lime juice is optional.

    Masala Sevai:

    Grind 2 tomatoes, 2 onions, 3,4 pieces garlic ( optional), 2 green chillies & a piece of ginger. Fry this paste in 2 tbsp oil till fairly dry. Add salt, sevai & mix well.

    No tempering is necessary.
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    Idli – my recipe is very unconventional, but gives jasmine idlis !

    After trying different proportions, I happened to strike this proportion, which has been very successful consistently.

    This requires a grinder for the dough – one can try in the mixi, decreasing rice by 1 cup.

    I always use Venpuzungal arisi or I R 20 or kaar arisi.

    One can try with Ponni puzungal arisi.

    Since, in my experience, once the dough is refrigerated, the texture of idli definitely changes, I make idlis as soon as the dough is freshly fermented .

    It is better to refrigerate idlis than the dough !

    Boiled Rice - 4 cups

    Urad dhal - 1 cup

    Aval (not very thin, but atleast medium) - 1 cup

    Methi seeds - 1 tsp

    Mix all the above, wash well 2,3 times.

    Soak in 6 cups of water (4+1+1) for atleast 6-8 hrs.

    Do not discard the soaked water – use that for grinding.

    Roughly drain before grinding – you need 6 cups of water to be used during grinding.

    This amount will slightly vary with the quality of rice – you can determine it in 2,3 times.

    Grind all ingredients together, using the entire measured water, gradually adding in small quantities.

    Grind very fine & add salt at the end.

    Transfer the dough from grinder to a tall vessel,mix thoroughly once using your hands ( this is important).

    Allow to ferment – sometimes it takes 12 hrs for the fermentation to start.

    Give maximum 24 hrs, not more than that.

    Before making idlis, do not stir the dough.

    Usually rice is ground separately to a coarse texture & hence settles down – so stirring used to be done.

    Here the texture is uniform & stirring will disturb the spongy texture of the fermented dough.

    Steam idlis as usual.

    The rest of the dough, after refrigeration wll give very good dosas.

    It takes 2,3 times of trial to determine the amount of water you need.

    The quantity of water does determine the texture of idlis.

    Small nuances like using the soaked water for grinding, measuring the water used, not disturbing the dough once the fermentation is complete - I feel, help in giving “feathery idlis”.

    Once you get it right,”idli-haters” in your family will become “idli-lovers”.

    Serve with chutney & sambar.
    Malligai Poo Idlis-s.JPG

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    Banana Dosai With green chillies – Make this without oil & Serve with Vegetable Stew

    For SBSphotos, please goto

    Raw rice - 1 cup (any ordinary variety is good)

    Ripe bananas - 5 (medium)

    Grated coconut - 2 tbsp

    Green chillies - 5-6 (or to taste)


    Soak rice for one hour.

    Drain, add grated bananas, coconut, green chillies & salt to a fine paste in the mixi.

    The batter can be of the usual dosa consistency.

    Keep a non stick tava on the stove & when it gets heated, wipe with a folded tissue, smeared in little oil.

    Spread the dosa, keep the flame on medium & cover with a lid.

    It is done very fast.

    Turn over for a minute & remove.

    These dosais are soft, white & delicious.

    Bananas give softness to the dosai & the sweetness does not stand out because of the presence of green chillies.

    Serve this with

    Potato & carrot stew:

    Medium potatoes - 3 – cut into small cubes

    Carrots - 3 - cut into small cubes

    Onions - 2 – slice thin

    Green chillies - 5,6 ( or to taste)

    Crush together:

    Ginger - 1”

    Garlic - 5-6

    Grind together:

    Melon seeds - 1 tbsp ( soak for 1 hour)

    Coconut - 2 tbsp

    Khus khus - 2 tsp

    To temper:

    Oil (or ghee) - 2 tsp

    Cloves - 3

    Cinnamon - 1”

    In a pressure pan, heat the oil, temper as given, then add onions, green chillies & crushed ginger garlic till an aroma comes.

    Add cut vegetables, ground paste & salt.

    Add just enough water to cover the vegetables.

    Close the cooker & cook for 2 whistles.

    Cool, open & serve hot with dosai.

    This stew goes well with any other dish, as well.

    In the photo it is served with a thogayal.
    banana dosai il.JPG
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    Akki Roti - this recipe uses coconut.

    Since the akki roti recipe in the Karnataka thread uses onions, for a variation, I am giving with coconut.

    Processed rice flour - 1 cup

    Freshly grated coconut - 1 cup (this tastes best – you can add a little less, if you prefer)

    Green chillies - 3,4

    Jeera - 1 tsp

    Ghee - 2 tsp


    Mince green chillies fine.

    Mix salt & ghee first very well.

    Then add rice flour, jeera & minced chillies.

    Add enough water & knead to a soft dough.

    Make big lemon size balls & keep ready.

    Keep the tava ready on the stove.

    Spread a wet thin cloth on the back of a plate, pat the ball into a roti, 4-5” in diameter.

    Carefully transfer it to the hot tava, add a little oil around it.

    When the bottom side is cooked, turn over & cook the other side.

    It is better if the cloth is washed & wrung after patting every roti, to prevent the dough sticking to the cloth.

    Besides spicy side dishes, this roti taste delicious with sugar or jaggery.

    Mochai or peas, boiled soft, can be added to the dough to give a very good taste.

    The photo of akki roti follows.
    akki roti.jpg
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    Khandvi - Gujarati Farsan-Concentration more necessary than skill!

    Use fresh basan for good results.

    This literally melts in the mouth !

    Besan - ¾ cup

    Fresh curds - ¾ cup

    Water - 1 cup

    Green chilli-ginger paste - 2 tsp

    Haldi - a pinch

    Hing - 1/2 tsp


    To temper:

    Oil - 2 tbsp

    Mustard seeds - 1 tsp

    Seasame seeds - 2 tsp

    Red chillies - 2,3

    Curry leaves - few

    To garnish:

    Chopped coriander & grated coconut.

    Mix besan, curds, water, green chilli- ginger paste, haldi, salt & hing to a very smooth mixture.

    This is very important.

    Transfer it to a non-stick pan & keeping the flame low, cook the mixture, stirring it continuously to avoid lump formation.

    The batter will become thick in 7 – 10 mts.

    In the meanwhile grease well the reverse sides of 2,3 plates & keep ready.

    Spread the cooked mixture as thinly as possible, with your hands or a plastic spatula., before it cools.

    Mark lines 1 - 1 1/2" & cut into long strips.

    Roll each like a Swiss Roll, if necessary cutting into bite sized pieces.

    Keep them on a serving plate.

    Temper as given & pour over the khandvis.

    Garnish with chopped coriander leaves & grated coconut.

    If you like it slightly sour, use little sour curds or add a pinch of citric acid to the mixture before cooking.

    The photo is posted below.


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    Panchakalyani Vadai - as ancient as its name !

    Fine Rice flour - 1 cup

    Ghee - 1 tbsp

    1 tbsp each of

    Tur dhal

    Gram dhal

    Moong dhal

    Urad dhal

    Grind to a paste:

    Green chillies - 7,8

    Hing - 1 tsp


    Oil - to deep fry

    Rub hot ghee with rice flour, add minimum water & knead to a stiff dough.

    Wash & soak all dhals for 3 hrs.

    Drain well, add to the dough with the paste.

    Mix everything well.

    Make small vadais on a plastic sheet.

    Deep fry till crisp & serve with tomato ketchup.

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    Pasiparuppu dosai with Puli kuzambu - Crisp quick Dosai.

    Moong dhal - 1 cup

    Raw rice - ½ cup


    Wash & soak rice & dhal together for 2 hrs.

    Grind to fine paste in the mixi adding salt & water.

    Do not ferment.

    Make crisp thin dosais with oil.

    Since this dosai is made from fresh batter, puli kuzambu goes well with this.
    Puli Kuzambu:

    Vegetables like yellow pumpkin, avarakkai, mochai paruppu, brinjal, snakegourd,

    carrot can be used.

    Cut into slightly bigger cubes than for kootu.

    Vegetables - 3 cups

    Tamarind paste - 1 tbsp

    Salt, haldi

    Jaggery - little ( optional)

    To fry in ½ tsp oil & powder:

    Red chillies - 3,4 ( or to taste)

    Pepper - ½ tsp

    Urad dhal - 1 tsp

    Gram dhal - 1 tsp

    Methi seeds - ½ tsp

    Peanuts - 3 tsp

    Copra - 2 tsp

    To temper:

    Oil - 1 tsp

    Mustard seeds - 1 tsp

    Curry leaves - few

    Boil the vegetables with water, salt & haldi.

    When they become soft, mix the powder with little water, tamarind paste mixed with 1 cup of water & add.

    Simmer to boil, stirring to prevent lump formation.

    Add jaggery & remove.

    Temper as given.


    This pulikuzambu goes very well with venpongal also.

    Pasiparuppu dosai can be served with any spicy chutney also.


    pasiparuppu dosai.JPG
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