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Tailor Master

Discussion in 'Clothing & Apparels' started by shakuntula, May 8, 2007.

  1. shakuntula

    shakuntula Guest

    I am sorry as this topic is not related to fashion trend. But I couldn't find a better forum to post it.

    I went to get my blouse/choli made by a tailor just an week ago. Usually, I give one of previous cholis and tell the tailor what adjustments need to be made. But this time, I thought I should get myself measured as I have changed physically slightly recently - and also I wanted the choli to be a very good fitting one. Now two things happened. I was wearing a saree that day. The tailor told me to lower my pallu completely. Secondly, when taking measurement, to understand how the deep the neck should be, he almost put his finger in my cleavage. Now, he was as gentle as one can be. Not for a single moment his attitude was anything but professional. But still, for some weird reason, I felt uneasy. I just wanted to know if other women have similar experience and have any suggestion about it.

    Unfortunately, I do not have a good lady tailor alternative in my area.

    I was also curious to know if the way my measurement was taken was a regular thing.

  2. sujathashetty

    sujathashetty New IL'ite

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    [:idontgetit: why does the tailor have to put his finger in your cleavage. u should have slapped him:bangcomp: ,u r telling that he was decent "my foot" he was trying u out the next time if u dont react to it he will take chances.and yes there r many gents tailor who stitch well and don't misbehave also:goodidea: . pls take care, u seem to b innocent to the man's world:wave
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  3. shakuntula

    shakuntula Guest

    Thanks a lot for your reply. I thought I must have posted it to a wrong forum as no one responded. I now know that the way my measurement was taken NOT a regular thing. I am now cursing myself for lowering my pallu :icon_frown:. I should have had more sense.
  4. Padmash

    Padmash Platinum IL'ite

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    Hi Shakuntala:-D ,

    I hardly view this forum but 2day i saw and ur problem dont feel guilty for this but u got to know something what to do and what not. This is not only with gents tailors even lady tailors also do some awkward thing which u feel bad but one should be aware. It happened with my sister but by lady tailor next my mom went with sis and told her to take measurement and my mom told her its not necessary to do this way as mom also knows tailoring. Be happy its life still many things to experience.

  5. shakuntula

    shakuntula Guest

    A very belated thanks Padma :).

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