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Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by Sravanthi28, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. Sravanthi28

    Sravanthi28 Silver IL'ite

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    Hi all,
    I happened to come across an embrassing/funny incident, actually i couldn't decide what to name it. Recently me & my hubby gone on a visit to his cousin's place. Their family consists of his cousin, his wife and their little son, a very active & cute child. My hubby's sister-in-law is not a friendly woman and as such i spent most of the time talking & playing with their son. once we became friends, he showed me all his progress reports, books ,toys & everything he had. It didnot take much time to notice that he is a very smart kid by looking into his marks as well as his promt & intelligent answers though he is a mere 6 year old. He got a huge collection of toys -- cars, spiderman, some green colored superhero and last, but not the least toy Hanuman too. And the real thing comes over here, he does not know the difference between superman and Hanuman, he thinks Hanuman is just another Hanu-man as in spider-man. He listened with great interest when i narrated him who hanuman is, what is his role in Ramayan. My opinion of his mother degraded even more after that, i couldn't understand how she couldn't spare atleast 30 minuts to make the boy know atleast these baic things. I agree she is a working lady, with loads of work at home & office but the utmost simple thing she can atleast point out that lord Hanuman and superhero Hanuman are the same or let him watch these animation movies on Hanuman.
    I discussed this atlength with my hubby and the only thing i feared was, would i be the same mom when i have a kid. This also raises another point, effect of nuclear families. Though both the parents are busy with their hectic schedules, a loving & affectionate grand parent would replace them in such tasks like narrating stories of olden days, epics etc. But now there is no place for such things.

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  2. Honeytha

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    Hai Sravanthi,

    As u said it doesn't happen in all families. Even though in their busy schedules many parents spend time with their kids, to make them enjoy. But anyway they will be missing the good old stories told by their grand ma and grand pa.....and their affection.......But as u urself have said ur sister in law is not a friendly women, so in the same way she might be doing to her little kid also...........

    Many mom's are like that........i have also see such people in my family also. They think the kids will come up on their own.........by knowing things by themselves. But this is in rare case...........as many mom are keen in their kids upbringing..........so u will come in that list.......don't worry......as u have taken effort of enjoying the time with ur hubby's cousins son.........u will be much more curious and enjoy ur time with ur kid..............

    All the best.........

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