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Sun, Sunrise, Sundhari

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by SuiDhaaga, Aug 4, 2021.

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    Beautiful Sunrise
    How I wish to take your picture
    It inspires me to write this poem
    Perhaps a great piece of literature

    Beautiful Sunrise
    Your orange red passion alights the sky
    Beautiful sunrise
    So glad you came after a long lovely night

    I wake to greet the Sun
    I stretch, I strain
    It is better than any sort of fun

    It is an honor to see the Sun
    In all its delight
    It is an honor to see the sun
    As the Earth twists and turns and
    Takes its routine flight

    Ahhhh beautiful Sun
    How you feed the grass
    That sustains each and everyone

    Ahhhh beautiful Sun
    How you appear here
    Then there, then everywhere

    Beautiful Sun
    You show so many colors
    Beautiful Sun
    You have so many shades
    But sometimes you are
    So naughty
    You make it hot as Hades

    Lovely Sun
    Without you where would we be
    There would not be a single twig
    Let alone a grand, lush Yum Yum Tree

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