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    I would like to perform Sumangali Prarthanai after my son's marriage. I come accross few differences. So I feel I may require to perform in different method. I need some suggestions too.

    1. My relatives stay at very far off places from my residence. Therefore it would be difficult either for to come in time and join the function as also visiting the previous day and giving them the oil and shikakai for their oil bath.

    2. Now a days mostly the ladies wear only jeans and salwar kameez. Very few still follow the culture of wearing 6 yds saree. Yes my daughter in law herself said she won't wear sarees. She wears only jeans or chudidhars!!!! Therefore requesting anyone to wear 9 yrds-feeling very delicate.......

    3. The practice of sitting on fooor and eating around 13 items on plantain leaf....seems very difficult for them. Now the practice is eating on dining table. Apart from that dieting - no rice - no fried item etc etc.

    To patch up all the above points- I feel can we invite Suhagan ladies from nearby/neighbours. Ask them wear the washed cloth -salwar kameez-as the katcham in 9 yrds appear in Salwar!!!! For food we can serve two curries, two dhals, raita, kheer, vada, salad, chutney - both meeta chutney and green chutney. Of course serving the food on plantain leaf but on table chair seating arrangement. In thamboolam instead of blouse piece we can give suit cloth.

    I don't know how this would work out. I need some more suggestions/opinions.




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