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Sukhi Bhava

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Sitamma, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. Sitamma

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    Today we are talking about Schizophrenia.
    Few people say there's not only nieighbour, even household people try to kill them, Even though nobody wants tokill them, but they imagine that not only that, they imagine something and they talk themselves, eventhough nobody is there in front of them. They feel as if they are talking to them and hearing. Like these they imagine. Experts say these imagination and behaviour of an individual at variety of mental state is known as "Schizophrenia". In these Sukhi Bhava episodes, the expert as psychiatrist Dr G. Prasad Rao explains and mentions the remedies.

  2. sunkan

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    the film 9.2.11 is a very diff type of a movie....

    the 9.2.11 is very nice....abt two individuals one a taxi driver nana and a baadey baaap ka bigda hua beta... who do not look beyond themselves come together and how they nearly try to destroy each other only to realise they need to do something for the other to set right attitudes...as usual nana patekar is game for any role though age is catching up with him his face is all puffed up but the lines r grt...and jhon looks more stoned than coming down to earth but the presentation is altogether different and well defined......sunkan

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