Stressed About Induced Labour And Thinking Of The Baby Needs

Discussion in 'Pregnancy & Labor' started by Janakinarne, Nov 9, 2019.

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    Just completed 38 weeks today and my doc said that to join in hospital by Thursday it means 38+5days,and they said that they wil give tab to get pains and wait 24hrs if not they wil go to c sec,
    It’s my first baby and am feeling very stressed and tensed,am very much afraid ..don’t the reason for it,
    Onl my concern is if I go to induced labour can I able to feed the baby immediately??its making me more tense
    Plz give ur suggestions and support how to handle the situation and how to handle the baby after they born,and other things..
    I packed my bag which includes
    Dresses for me feeding nighties,some bed sheets ,and toiletries
    And for baby old cotton clothes
    New dresses purchased but my elders are saying not suppose to take them now itself after baby born onl we have to take baby clothes and things
    Anything els I missed??
    Plz help me and plz send all positive vibes to me and to my little angel..thank u

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    OP , dont worry, every thing will be fine.
    Are you in India or USA. Is there any reason why its induced now. Why dont wait for full term, till 40 weeks.
    In USA, labor is induced by medicines through ivy plus breaking water. I don't know if its strong enough in India. Most of the cases, the medicine were not strong enough to induce pain and end up in C section. I heard it from my friends, as they end up with C section. Anyway, go with an open mind.

    Yes, you can feed your baby right after delivery. You should. Remember one thing. Milk supply is related to demand. It take one to two weeks for the milk supply to start really well. It's a dramatic event. Till then you will have a few drops but that's enough for baby. Dont listen to people who say you dont have milk at this stage. You can also supplement if you are tired using liquid formula. Keep on feeding every two to three hours to make the supply sets in.
    Sleep whenever baby sleeps. You can do it. Nature is amazing. You may need swaddling clothes to cover baby. Good luck
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    all the best for the big day . please dont get stressed out . i had my c-section for ivf on 36w +2 days and it was fine . keeping in mind cold temperatures in india , please keep some warm clothes handy for the baby , not sure of your location but assuming it would start to get cold everywhere now . or if sentiments is the issue order online and get it delivered on/after delivery day or your elders would be there ,i assume ,to help you out with the post delivery care . i think hospitals provide basic items for the baby . Be positive that you will get enough milk and in any case you can always supplement , kindly dont get overworked about it , it will work out for good . best wishes .

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