Stress and Relieving in Working Women at Work Place

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    Stress in women is a big problem at work place. According to a survey by Economic Times, around 87% of Indian women said they felt stressed most of the time, and 82% had no time to relax.

    There are lot of burden with expectations, are on move all day long without knowing that stress has invaded their life and is ruining their health. They often deny being stressed.

    Much stress may change in menstrual patterns, sudden hair loss, dark circles around eyes, mood swings and weight gain.

    Work related stress in women can also lead to serious joint & spine problems, skin reactions, depression etc. If not attended to on time, the problem may worsen, leading to health problems like sleeplessness, difficulty to concentrate, high BP, stroke, heart attack, poor immune response, and even cancer!

    Lets do some ways to away stress at work place.

    . Deep Breathing
    . Relaxes muscles and calms the mind
    . Meditation
    . Take short breaks
    . Regular exercise

    Practice this daily and you will find it easy to relax, reducing stress.

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    Great ideas healthonmove.

    More ways to deal with stress:
    1. First step to deal with stress is to identify the cause. What makes you stressed out: reaching office on time, meeting deadlines, annoying boss, etc.
    2. Take steps to eliminate those which you can work on immediately. For ex, commute is one of the causes of stress, work on how you can decrease commute time or different ways to commute to office.
    3. Dont heistate to ask for help. Many times, employees dont seek help in workplace even though there are options for the same. You can discuss with your colleague, HR, mentor or buddy.. even though they might not help, venting out might give you some relief.

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