Story about my little bundle of joy

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    Dear all,

    its 2 years now since i gave birth to my daughter. i thoroughly enjoyed reading all your posts about your child birth experience.

    2 years ago, i got pregnant with my first child (my daughter now)...i was quite active and used to manage the husband used to travel quite frequently abroad on business. So i used to be left alone most of the time. till my 8th month, he would not be at home for 2 weeks atleast. he would come home, stay for a week and then vanish again. i was quite big from the 5th month onwards and every1 predicted it would be a boy. My MIL and ILs were deparately hoping for a boy. But i wanted a girl. they say dreams in the wee hours of morning come true. i used to have a lot of dreams about a baby boy early mornings...i used to wake up and feel sad becose i wanted a girl.
    during my 7th month my MIL came to live with me (she stays with my husband's elder brother and his family in a different state)....i never had a good relationship with her as she had abused me many times...she was against my marriage with her son (love marriage) the 7th month, she came down and started criticizing everything about me...instead of taking car eof me in my pregnant state, she expected that i will take care of her...which i did....i used to cook all 3 meals, feed her first, then, eat. one time i asked her if i cud server her lunch, she refused saying she was i ate alone. when my husband came in the evening, she made a huge issue of it and created a fight that i starved her. i became upset....luckily or unluckily, one of her brothers expired and she had to leave immediately. her leaving me in peace was a huge relief for me....

    Till my 8th month, i used to go for evening walks. All the neighbours would look at my stomach which was quite huge and predict it wud be a boy....even strangers used to come up to me and tell me it was aboy.....i would feel upset, go home and cry on my husband's shoulders as i wanted a girl....i hardly stepped out in my 9th month as i had become quite huge and i couldnt walk stomach was too big and i was having trouble carryig so much weight. was waiting desparately fro the child to come out and end my misery....:))

    my due date was nov 20th and since the baby's head was not fixedyet, a C-section was fixed for the 21st.
    On 19th night, i started bleeding, then, earling morning of 20th, i started getting labour pains but my bleeding didnt stop and i had to be rushed to the hospital. A c-section was performed and i delivered a beautiful cherubic baby girl as i wanted, by God's grace.

    Thats my story. My daughter came on my due date.
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    Wow! How sweet story.
    Atleast someone wants a daugher in this world.
    Lucky you. You wanted one , you got one.. all the best

    Enjoy your motherhood

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    Hi Jaya,

    Nice story.

    Good that you got your wish...

    You are one of the first that I know of who has had a baby on the due date. For many people is it much before the due date or a week or so after the due date.

    Have a happy motherhood.

    Take care.

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