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Still i have to be recognised

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by sreemanavaneeth, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. sreemanavaneeth

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    what is recognition? identification or to be identified or to be well appreciated. All the meanings remains the same. I have recognised very precious thing in my life that is the Spirit,
    the motivation and my inner thought all towards the Precious, the most powerful ONE.
    When I have completed 9 weeks SAI VRADH on 31st March 2011, I went to Sai temple
    in Mylapore and I did annadaan ( I made 5 pkts of curd rice) distributed to the LEPROSY
    persons. I gave 5 nos of SAI VRADH BOOK to the Old ladies who became happy blessed
    me and took it with a happy smile. The humanbeing recognised me at this juncture.We are all always immersed with worldly pleasure.

    My inner sense tickled SHOULD I BE WELL recognised by the most precious who is
    ruling the entire world. Still I have to be recognied. After all I am an humanbeing who
    would like to have tasty food, would like to sleep, would like to earn more and the
    likings are endless in our Life. Is it true right?????????????? I entered into the temple
    had a very good darshan of SAI then came to the DHOONI place I just made 18 rounds
    and with my knee I rounded once. During this time I have not noticed anything what is
    happening around me But my inner conscious made me happy and said I am blessed
    and will be blessed more. Here still I should be recognised. whenever the Precious has its
    own place, humanbeings thoughts will be well traced and their good deeds and sins will be
    awarded . With the blessings of ALMIGHTY I have possessed everything in my life.
    My LIFE LIMELIGHT IS yet to light to get the Excellent RECOGNITION

    Whatever we are doing whether in life or in our studies or in our working place recognition
    will be awarded in any one of the form. GOD'S recognition will be fully awarded to humanbeings
    once the particular PERSON should be away from all his favourable things in his life.Then only humanbeing will be well surrounded by GOD and he/she quality and simplicity will be well recognised by the ALMIGHTY. Here your CENTRE FORCE OF ATTRACTION will be
    only with the ALMIGHTY to know what is LIFE and how it should be which will show the
    We as a humanbeings always have a tendency of praying I need this if it happened I will offer you this etc.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Our inner conscious never think how to get a WORTHY RECOGNITION to our life.
    Ending this with one quote:
    I thank God for my handicaps for, through them, I have found myself, my work, and my God. --- Helen Keller


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    Dear sreema,

    Wonderful post that gets to talk about the most important virtue of one's life:bowdown

    Yes! you are right....getting the Almighty's 'Limelight' is the Ultimate..the rest are really not worthy!!!!

    Do write more such lovely posts.:)

    Always bearing God(dess) in our hearts is the best gift rather than transient pleasures.




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