Staying With A 3year Old Toddler In Sharjah In Summer

Discussion in 'Indians in Sharjah' started by cutebarbie, Jun 3, 2017.

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    Hi, i have a daughter who just turned 3.. we recently shifted to Sharjah as my DH is working in dubai.. right now we are in India..came for a 2 weeks time!! I heard that summer in dubai is very horrible.. that too in the month of July and August we can feel the sun too much as if it's near us!!my DH also said the same but he wants me and DD with him..ladies in Sharjah how are you managing a toddler at home in this summer??do you remain at home or take ur kids with u somewhere?can some one tell me about indoor activities which are available in Sharjah al nahda?
    I stay in al nahda.. also does this hot climate create any health problems to toddlers??
    Plz pour your comments.. it will really really help me!

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