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Starting New Home based Creche-Day Care

Discussion in 'Karnataka' started by mailmeprabhu, Sep 26, 2014.

  1. mailmeprabhu

    mailmeprabhu New IL'ite

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    Hi All,

    My Name is Vimala Prabhu living in JP Nagar 6th Phase. Iam starting a new home based Creche- Day Care from October 2014 . This is unlike any pre-school or Congested room with lot of kids. This is a Home based Creche ( my own fully furnished flat with lot of space and cleanliness ) . I have 10 years of experience of running home based creche and all the kids & their parents have been very happy as its at a moderate cost unlike highly charging private ones, as i take care of the kids just like my own.

    The timing of Creche would be 8am to 10 pm ( can be extended based on need) and there is no special rate for weekends and its going to be a flat monthly rate.

    Infants from age of 3 months to kids up to age of 4 would be taken care safely just how love and care them at home. Food would be provided without any extra charge except for infants their milk any other special food that needs to be given should be provided by parents.
    This is all for those working parents who would have to depend on a expensive maid to take care while you are at work and still worrying what is happening to your child.

    Here you can be at peace as myself and the maid will take care of your child ensuring proper food, play , evening walks , timely sleep.

    So anybody in around JP Nagar you can visit the house first and then decide.
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