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Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by Viswamitra, Apr 23, 2022.

  1. Viswamitra

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    What is spirituality? Who is spiritual? What is the role of the spirit in shaping the character of every individual? Where is the free will and how does it work? How does one integrate the freewill with the universal law?

    Spirituality involves the recognition of a feeling of sense or belief that there is something greater than me, something more to being human than sensory experience., and that the greater whole of which we are part is cosmic or divine in nature. Spirituality involves exploring certain universal themes – love, compassion, altruism, life after death, wisdom and truth, with the knowledge that some people such as saints or enlightened individuals have achieved and manifested higher levels of development than the ordinary person. Aspiring to manifest the attributes of such inspirational examples often becomes an important part of the journey through life for spiritually inclined people.

    The role of the spirit is an expression of our own character transformation brought by the indwelling of the spirit and our relationship with the common good. The fruit of the spirit includes values such as love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Mostly, all these values are considered as an expression in the outside world by the society, whereas it includes how all these values are applied in our inner world as well. For example, self-control does not necessarily mean how we conduct ourselves to the outside world but also what kind of thoughts we promote inside and how we introspect for some of our thoughts that are not contributing for our character development.

    It is a known fact that the spirit needs instruments to perform actions in this world and those instruments need a spirit to perfect those actions. A speaker jovially said, when the spirit leaves the body, we don’t call it with a given name but call it as a cadaver. Similarly, when the body doesn’t exist for a spirit, the humanity fears it as they don’t see the form.

    What is a free will? Mind is a borderless society that can transcend barriers easily and travel into any territory of its choice. The mind is extremely powerful tool humanity has and is categorized by the scriptures into Manas, Chitta, Buddhi, and Ego. Each one of them are essential for the progress of the humanity. When one applies the mind to benefit the society, town, state, country or the whole world, it becomes a broad mind and when it limits itself to the well-being of the individual, it becomes narrower. Our goal in life is to extract the rich knowledge spirit has, what our experiences teaches us, and convert them into actionable insight that would benefit everyone, using the capabilities of our minds. It is about synchronizing the mind to become compatible to the unwritten law of the nature so that it is in perfect harmony with everything around us.

    How do we do that? One way to do it is to get indulged in the nature around us, get deep into the present moment that helps remove the stress we experience in the mind. Those who believe in God can use the repetition of the name as an exercise to overcome the mind’s vagaries while others who are filled with actions can indulge so much enjoying the processes in the actions perfecting it. Doing an action skillfully to the best of our abilities, lovingly with complete devotion to work and selflessly without expecting the results, it can bring peace into the mind. The best action the most who renounced the world to teach the humanity suggests is to provide selfless service to the life around us that would include plants, animals and human beings. The love gets saturated when such actions are performed, and it manifest in its full form. The spirit in us is constantly looking to integrate with everything around us and when the mind performs actions that integrate ourselves with the rest, it manifests itself and provide incredible insight and enjoyment which the learned people call it as wisdom and bliss.
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  2. HariLakhera

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    Thanks for this thought-provoking snippet. I have heard people saying I am spiritual but not religious, which I think, they believe in some supernatural power but do not believe in puja and other rituals. This raises, another question, will such people will be less spiritual if they or someone can reveal the secret of something they did not know? Scientists at work reveal the creation of the universe. As of now, we do not know how big the universe is. Some believe, the sky and earth meet at some point, yet to be found. As and when and if it is found, and that may never happen, will the search continue, like some success to reach other planets?
    Will humans come to a conclusion that there is God, the Creator of the Universe?
    The more we talk vaguely on the subject, the more people are turning into nonbelievers.
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  3. Viswamitra

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    As long as this world exists, there will be people who are skeptical and non-believers. There are people who believe that man never landed on the moon and it is fake. The people believed the earth is flat and until a researcher found out it is in a shape of a sphere. Even then, they laughed at him. Many scientists proved that the genes have considerable influence in the attitude, behavior and character of an individual. There is a recent research that says it is the environment that has considerable influence in the mental make up of the individuals. Who determines what is vague and what is meaningful? Let everyone believe what they like to believe who cares? Everyone is focused on their own growth and development and no one is attempting to make others believe something.
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  4. jayasala42

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    Dear Viswa,
    You have presented a vivid picture of

    'spirituality'.Yet it has not been understood to the desired extent.

    When we hear the term 'spirituality',automatically we think

    of 'soul'.

    Many wonder whether there is a difference between the heart and soul.

    It is normally referred to as 'heart and soul'. No one refers as

    hearty soul or soully heart. So there appears to be two entities.

    Heart is the more complex of the two because it has an existence

    both at a physical and metaphysical level. Physical heart is a

    strong organ of muscles and nerves and is built to last at

    least a hundred years functioning ceaselessly pumping the

    blood even to the remotest corners of the body without asking

    for relaxation or LFC at Ooty or Mount Abu .

    The other invisible metaphysical heart is even more intriguing.

    Its absence is readily noticed. but not the presence. The most

    frequently heard comment about a missing heart is

    ‘Have a heart’ that we utter when we perceive a person as

    very unreasonable. This gives us a glimpse into the function of

    the metaphysical heart.

    This invisible heart is more important for a human than the

    rhythmically beating physical heart.

    If the invisible or the metaphysical heart is what we judge a man by,

    then what does the soul do? Whenever we see an ebullient

    person adding a lot of lustre to a party, we call him the heart

    and soul of the party. If we want to highlight the importance of

    something in the scheme of things, we call it ‘the heart and soul’

    of the matter. Thus it would appear as though the soul always

    works in tandem with the metaphysical heart in livening up the

    proceedings. But is that all that the soul does? I mean keeping

    company with a good heart?

    Does it mean that we have to concentrate more on

    metaphysical heart than on the silent 'soul'?

    Soul is usually perceived as something that a person has

    but leaves him once he ceases to exist physically. It is also

    known for moving from person to person to keep itself alive.

    Sounds a bit opportunistic but what is it doing in a live person?

    I wonder whether we can compare 'SOUL' to MOOLAVAR

    heart to 'UTSAVAR" of the temple. Moolavar is static and

    all-pervading. People have to seek and reach out to the Moolavar

    but the Utsavar goes round reaching out to everyone.

    Even if you don't want to go looking for the Moolavar (soul),

    the Utsavar reaches out to all reminding everyone that

    He represents only the Moolavar, the two sides of the same coin.

    On further analysis it is proper to assume that

    Mind, Metaphysical heart and soul are like a triangle. Mind has

    no existence of its own without the thoughts and associated desires.

    By peace to the mind we mean we are talking about contraction

    i.e. removing desires, reducing bad thoughts and retaining only noble thoughts.

    As far as Metaphysical heart is concerned, it is a faculty that

    enables noble thoughts transform into Universal Love for all

    fellow beings. It takes noble thoughts from the mind and

    converts into love and compassion to be implemented into actions later

    as explained by Shri Viswa.

    Soul is a witness to the activities of both the mind and the

    Metaphysical Heart. It does not interfere with either one of them.

    But it has a friend in the form of intellect or Free Will and allow

    Mind and Metaphysical Heart to consult the intellect as and when needed.

    Soul's only role in human life is to be a witness to the actions of

    the Mind and Metaphysical Heart until a person exists.

    When he or she dies,

    it moves with its encryption to another body hoping that the

    new Body Mind Heart complex would make effort to remove its encryption.

    A Simple definition of spirituality says,

    “Spirituality is more of an individual practice and has to

    do with having a sense of peace and purpose. It also relates

    to the process of developing beliefs around the meaning of

    life and connection with others”.

    Spirituality is not the prerogative of neither the sages

    residing in jungles nor that of Ramanas and Arbindos.

    It is well within our day to day life and very much the same

    as character development.

    Though they say that we are gifted with a freewill
    to perform our own actions with body, mind and intellect,
    some totally deny the concept and argue that our free
    will also is predetermined and comes under destiny.

    The description of the scope of Law of Karma
    is reflected in Bhagavatgita.The actions that are
    performed without attachment with the requisite
    equanimity do not get carried into so called encryptions.
    A similar view is expressed in Buddhism too.

    Intentions are essentially important in determining
    the moral quality of the action and the doer.Sometimes
    an action which is done with bad intention may
    result in bringing about good.Irrespective of the
    result the imprint of 'immoral' is passed on.

    Similarly actions done with right intentions
    sometimes result in some harm to some one.

    What essentially matters is the attitude and dispositions
    of the individual and not the actual act.This view
    cannot escape criticism.

    It indirectly means that one could do the most
    undesirable act provided his intentions and
    dispositions are good.This creates a wedge
    between the Law of Karma and rules of Justice in the nation.
    There are people who have firm views that it is not the absolute requirement of the soul to repay the debts of previous janmas.They believe that the ideas of reward , punishment etc are human concepts unnecessarily imposed on cosmos .When some crisis arises and it is stated to be an impact of what one had done in previous birth,a feeling of guilt descends on man, and in the same way at the time of good events, a feeling of subtle expectation of 'reward' arises.This in turn takes us away from the present.

    In reality our life revolves around three factors.
    1.Deeds done by our own selves.
    2.Influence of deeds done by third parties human
    or otherwise
    3.Influence of destiny or luck.
    We do not live entirely by Free Will nor we totally
    are influenced by Fate or Destiny.
    Fate plays its own dice on the checker board
    of our existence, mostly as a balancing force.
    However with sustained effort we can wade
    through vagories of nature.By surrendering
    ourselves to God we build up strength to endure
    what cannot be cured and on total surrender ,
    there is no Free will and God's will is your desired option.

    Better not to worry too much about types of Karma
    and their influence ,love yourself and all others
    without harming anyone. Let us relax.

    Have I missed anything?

    Jayasala 42
    Vathsala Jayaraman-M 170
  5. Viswamitra

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    Dear Smt Vathsala Jayaraman aka (Jayasala):

    Thank you for your comprehesive response here. You did a fabulous job of describing how the life revolves. Your comparison of spiritual (Metaphysical) heart and soul as Utsavar and Moolavar is well done! Even though they appear to be two separate entities for human consumption, they are one and nothing but one.

    I completely agree when one surrenders to the will of God, there is no existence of freewill. For human consumption, it is best if we can rephrase it as tuning our freewill to the benefit of the common good which is the objective of the Creator.

    A logical person may take objection to surrendering our freewill to anything unless he/she understands it thoroughly. The new generation of people need an incentive to do Saranagathi (surrender appears to give an impression that it is involuntary). Here is a logic that is available from those who have surrendered.

    Despite having an embedded application (encryption of the past action), the soul's majority content is system (right-livng principles). It is filled with the knowledge one needs to fulfill the purpose of life. Therefore, tapping into it is a complete solution for the human suffering. It is enough if we use our intellectual capabilities to find the way to tap into this resource that is available to everyone. That ability combined with knowledge we gain from our experiences should help us to fulfill our lives. Those who don't find this way may have to tap into the scriptures to learn the method.
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  6. Thyagarajan

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    :hello: Fundamental questions among theists & atheists as well would lead to profound study of philosophies left by spiritual (!) giants of yore.

    Upon reading this thread, certain thoughts have crossed my mind
    Which I have posted below:

    When body is in formation stage, soul enters that body in the making. Then that body soul combined is the baby in process. I wonder at which month of pregnancy period the soul enters the womb. Who engineers the movement of the soul into a body of particular gender or genderless, who decides which soul to enter which womb? Does spiritual things takes its root here to act upon the baby in process?

    Religions created rituals and Gods.
    For each religion, god-name created by them and that is the only God.
    For some Jesus better than others ( Jesus saves while all other Gods spend!).
    For some Allah is superior & shapeless formless,
    For few, Shiva is more powerful and dynamic and head heavy (of course with Ganga)

    Some believe, call by any name but the creator is one & the same.
    Some even believe every being on Earth is part of the unknown.
    And in some way, part or parts of body connected to elements of Unknown.

    In that (belief) - Kriya Yoga fame - Paramahansa announced in Boston, before his leaving the body that his body
    Would remain free from emaciation/deterioration for over 33 days and beyond (to coroners astonishment) !

    Same way, Pattinathar vanished from a basket near the shore of Bay of Bengal
    Leaving a SHIVALING in the basket.

    Ramalingaswamigal entered an empty room, closed doors and after long hours when door opened by his disciples, found he had Vanished leaving a spot of bright flame in the room.

    When Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi left his mortal coils
    A bright light moved across steadily in space atop Thiruvannamalai hills.

    Are their “heart and soul” made of different from other humans
    Are their “mind and gut” different from ordinary mortals?

    Is it true that their is an astral world to which each of us are connected?
    Great monks that have attained Mahasamadi believed to be entrusted with responsibilities in the astral world

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  7. Viswamitra

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    Dear Thyagarajan Sir,

    I am not qualified to answer all of these questions myself as I am not knowledgeable enough to answer them. I am also at the same stage of questioning to get answers. I can only share what I had learned from various sources.

    With regard to soul entering the body:

    Sadguru explained in a video that the soul enters the body between 40 to 48 days after the conception. But it is still evaluating whether this body is the right one when compared to vasanas it posseses and only around 90 days, it determines whether to stay or not to stay in that body. But in some cases, it takes beyond 90 days for life force to enter and those are remarkable spiritual beings.

    Two cells getting together to form a body is the science but a life-force entering it is what I consider as spiritual. We can call the formation of the body as Sthula Sareera and formation of the mind as Sukshuma Sareera. The subtlest of this is known as Karana Sareera.

    Human beings have multiple names and multiple roles in their lives and therefore, they also name the supreme power with different names but all leads to only one place. They even have names based on the role performed by this one entity such as Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and so on.

    Any human being can transform his/her mind to sync it with the ultimate reality and when they do, they are immortal beings that are worshipped by human beings. All the names you had mentioned not only lead an ideal and perfect life but also guided others to lead an ideal and perfect life. They taught right living to the humanity and came to establish righteousness.

    Anyone who leads an exemplary life can be entrusted with the responsibilities of teaching the humanity. For them, past, present and future become one and they don't experience time and space. They maintain their Sthoola Sareera through minimum needed for its existence for performing actions that are holy and for the benefit of the humanity and other lives. Even if they leave the Sthoola Sareera, they can be entrusted to perform actions for the well-being of the lives.
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  8. Balajee

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    Lot of people confuse religion and spirituality toi such an extent that those who make a living peddling religion are described as "spiritual leaders. In reality spirituality is the opposite pole of religion. While religion is a prison made of dogmas, rites and rituals, spirituality is all about freedom from belief. It is about looking at every human the way ytou look at yourself. it is walking on the middle path in life shorn of extremisms . It is about unity while religion is about division by faith, caste and creed.
  9. Viswamitra

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    Dear Balajee,

    I understand your interpretation of the difference between the religion and spirituality. However, the religion is supposed to be helping us all unite under one umbrella and unfortunately, the fanatics of the religions make it impossible to perform as they intended. The humanity should work towards the goal of uniting everyone irrespective of their religious beliefs. When those who practice religion divide it, people lose faith in the religions.
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  10. Balajee

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    CViswa, religion by its very nature is divisive because each religion is a different belief system and the followers of every faith are not open to the possibility they could be wrong. Each faith displays the arrogance of having the ultimate truth up its sleeve and this is bound t5o lead to division and conflict.
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