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soya vegcutlets

Discussion in 'Recipe Central' started by mahiramki, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. mahiramki

    mahiramki Gold IL'ite

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    hi friends,
    after a long time i am back with a easy snack... yummy soya veg cutlet...
    both tatsty and healthy...

    for this we need :
    *soya chunks : 1 cup (soak in water for 5 min and strain the water)
    *any vegetables of your choice 1/2 cup(cooked)(we can also use left overs like cabbage curry or mutter curry)
    *one medium potato cooked and mashed
    *one table spoon flour (rice or all purpose flour or corn flour).
    *1 teaspoon aamchur .
    *1 teaspoon garam masala or coriander powder
    *1 teaspoon red chilly powder.
    * fresh coriander leaves
    * 2 table spoons milk or water and flour mix
    * 1 table spoon sooji
    *salt to taste
    in a bowl mix soaked soya chunks , mashed potatoes, veggies,
    flour, aamchur, garam masala, chilly powder, coriander leaves and finally salt..
    donot use any water, the water in soya is enough for mixing...
    now make small balls and press them with hands in to the desired shape,
    now dip in milk or water and flour mix now roll the cutlet in sooji,
    (if u r a non vegiterian u can also use beaten egg in place of milk to dip cutlets)
    now heat a pan add a tea spoon of oil and keep all the
    prepared cutlets and shallow fry on both sides till brown
    now serve with tomato sauce ....

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