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Sovereign Dr Kalam - A Jwel Of Bharat

Discussion in 'Interesting Shares' started by Thyagarajan, Aug 25, 2021.

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    :hello: SOVEREIGN Dr KALAM - A JWEL OF BHARAT :hello:

    Only thing common to Dr Kalam & I is that that we are products of same MIT while he was my senior by several years.

    His heart was beating for a very prosperous & better India better than Developed Nations. Once I heard him stating that a fellow traveller - a gentleman of India in Singapore could extinguish the urge to spit in public places but the moment flight landed and him & he exited the aircraft at Chennai - the gentleman began spitting on tarmac.

    As Prez of India when he had visited the Lord Venkateswara Temple, he was accorded a traditional welcome.

    When the official of trust desired that he enter the temple, he stood at the entrance insisting for signing up the register for non Hindus entering the temple complex.

    Extending a large silver platter - full of offerings to Lord - was proffered for his touch, the chief priest softly asked his name and birth-star for performing “Archana” to Lord,
    he said “please perform Archana in the name of India as I desire my Nation and all its citizens should always prosper and remain healthy”. Such is the greatness of the Kalam, that exhibit love for his motherland and its people.

    Another incident that stays green in memory narrated in the link below:

    Missile Man & Manek Shaw


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