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Soul of an Indian woman...

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by Ria2006, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. Ria2006

    Ria2006 Silver IL'ite

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    From the time immemorial, you were 'giving' personified. Life took lots from you to make sure you never flinched from giving everything for the people around you. You were daughter, sister, wife, mother and Daughter in law for some, and a luscious flesh of meat for others.
    When it came to similes, you were compared to mother earth. Who endures all the ill-doings of its kids and yet provides shelter, food and affection without an inch of remorse. No one thanks earth for doing what its doing. Only when it shatters to earthquake or brings a tide in house that our comfort gets shaken.
    But there was one humane difference between you and mother earth. Earth never becomes partial to some of its kids. But a female after nursing few kids, becomes more selfish for them. How else will you explain a woman burning other woman in name of dowry.
    Centuries and generation of torture can ruin anyone's spirit and DNA. But your spirit remained unclenched because you had What it says power of giving life. Each time a new life came in your womb, you wiped your tears and made sure the happiness was abound for the new life.
    You had been mutilated and destructed several times in form of naiive daughter-in-laws, easy preys on road or poverty ridden families. But what puts you in league of strongest survivor is your ability to rise up after every stampede and yet leave your positive mark on society in form of well-bred future.
    So those who are suffering in the four walls of their house under the name of matrimony, those who think they will never find the right man, those who think being worthless just because they are not blessed with kid, those who think they can never come out of their misery. My humble appeal is, next time you look in mirror, look deep. There is stronger you just waiting to come out and help you survive the current crisis. You have what it takes to survive any calamity and yet weave the fabric of hope and future. So don’t feel let down, because you are Indian woman. You have the DNA which has fought ages of unjust beliefs and yet remained a positive life-giving force.

  2. aquamarine

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    hi Ria,

    A nice piece. The Indian woman is very strong and she raises her children to face the world with confidence and given them the opportunity that she once did not have. I salute the Indian woman who has a spine of steel and is a backbone for her family.


  3. Lalitha Shivaguru

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    Dear Ria,

    A fantastic & thought provoking post.:clap

    I agree with u totally that Indian women are very strong. I always tell my dds also to never cry in life as a girl we have to be v strong to face life and all the injustices especially meted out by men. (All IL men no hard feelings please)

    thanx once again for the lovely piece.:cheers:thumbsup

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