Song of life

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    <TABLE style="TABLE-LAYOUT: fixed" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 align=left border=0><TD class=tcaption vAlign=top align=middle>Song of life

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    Lets sing the song of life..

    O my life, lets sing the song of life.

    There’s life in every shower,
    A bloom in every bower.
    There’s joy in every tear,
    Be it joy or tear.. with all you got to bear.

    O my dear, o my dear lets sing the way you want to hear.

    Lets ring the bells of love,
    O my love..lets ring the bells of love.

    There’s a jingle in every heart beat.
    And so there’s a soul insecure indeed.
    But what uncertain, what fear?
    I know not when you are near.

    O my dear, o my dear
    Tune me the way you wanna hear!

    Lets sing the song of joy,
    O my smile,
    Lets sing the song of joy.

    There’s a lot in life to cheer.
    A moon that too with scar,
    Can be your peer.
    The horse of life's escaping-hear-

    O my dear o my dear…
    Sing a happy song for the year!


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