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Soda, Soda!

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by gopalan1937, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. gopalan1937

    gopalan1937 Silver IL'ite

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    I heard the thud and screeching noise of tyres just behind me. looking back, I could see the big sedan coming to a halt. Simultaneously , I noticed some of the morning walkers come running toward the vehicle. Though I could not see from where I was, I sensed someone has been knocked down by the big car.

    I too rushed to offer my help. Meanwhile the injured who was a male aged around 60+; had been carried to the platform and made to sit. Someone was shouting " Bring Soda, Soda!" People were crowding round him. I peeped through the available gap and noticed the individual was looking pale and had beads of sweat on his forehead. His eyes were half closed. Someone was shaking and forcing to make him drink water. Through a small available gap I felt his pulse and noted with concern that his pulse rate was very slow and going further down.

    My repeated entreats to make him lie down immediately, fell on deaf ears and they continued to make him sit and force water through half opened oral cavity. Ultimately the crowd relented when I shouted
    ' Look, I am a medic; Make way;" First thing I did , I made him lie
    down and did a rapid survey of his airways . breathing and circulation.
    I could in the meanwhile , noticed that the simple act of making him lie down had produced dramatic improvement in his pulse rate and general appearance.
    Though there were no obvious limb injuries ,he needed further evaluation for internal injuries for which he was shifted to a nearby hospital.
    This must be an eye opener to every individual on the awareness of first aid. It is true that some schools do have a first aid program for the students but is the common man in the know of first aid? Most often it is restricted to splashing soda on the face followed by forcing it orally.
    Would you know what to do if you were the first on the scene of an accident? :shaking:


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