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Social Life Before Vs Now..

Discussion in 'Friends & Neighbours' started by anika987, Jun 6, 2021.

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    I miss having my friends around.When I mean friends..the ones like we had in school and college.

    Those were the days! I really crave for those days back at times.

    We used to go to the beach,chaat shop or roam in the malls,movies! We used to eat sandwich and ice creams and do window shopping thinking someday will buy this and that..so much dreams in the eyes!

    Today for some reason am missing all that..

    Life has changed so much with family and kids.

    There are some good ladies around but in all honesty,I cannot open up to them the same way I did with my college friends.Most of the talks Will be generic or centered around things ,cooking and children.

    I used to talk to my college friends about anything around the sun! Be it guys,be it about anything we are curious about..that was the age.

    I really do not get that “feel“ anymore even if i go out with some buddies here.Sure it is fun but not “that fun“ which i used to have two decades back..

    Something different..

    Is it becoz am abroad? If i was in India,will my social circle be awesome and i will have fun buddies to hang out with?

    Or as we age..interests change?

    I dont wanna lie but i still feel the same way and have interests to freak out like my college days!I miss a good girl gang who is like me.

    The surroundings also do not give the same feel as in India..

    I miss those days so bad..

    Feeling relaxed after journaling this.
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