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    Some wonderful thoughts by Bob Hansen

    <TABLE align=center><TD align=left width=200>The most destructive habit<TD align=right width=200>Worry<TD align=left>The greatest joy<TD align=right>Giving<TD align=left>The most endangered species<TD align=right>Dedicated leaders<TD align=left>Our greatest natural resource<TD align=right>Our youth<TD align=left>The greatest “shot in the arm”<TD align=right>Encouragement<TD align=left>The greatest problem to overcome<TD align=right>Fear<TD align=left>The most effective sleeping pill<TD align=right>Peace of mind<TD align=left>The most crippling disease<TD align=right>Excuses<TD align=left>The most powerful force in life<TD align=right>Love<TD align=left>The most destructive pariah<TD align=right>Gossip<TD align=left>The most incredible computer<TD align=right>The human brain<TD align=left>The worst thing to be without<TD align=right>Hope<TD align=left>The deadliest weapon<TD align=right>The tongue<TD align=left>The two most powerful words<TD align=right>Can do<TD align=left>The greatest asset<TD align=right>Faith<TD align=left>The most worthless emotion<TD align=right>Self-pity<TD align=left>The worst thing you can lose<TD align=right>Self-respect<TD align=left>The most satisfying work<TD align=right>Helping others<TD align=left>The ugliest personality trait<TD align=right>Selfishness<TD align=left>The most beautiful attire<TD align=right>A smile!<TD align=left>The most prized possession<TD align=right>Integrity<TD align=left>The most contageous spirit<TD align=right>Enthusiasm<TD align=left>The most powerful communication<TD align=right>Prayer

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