Slightly Dumb Question For Ilites Living In India (or Who Visit Often)

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    That's terrible and, frankly, quite vulgar of them. Why are they even commenting on the looks of an obviously married women? So disrespectful. *Shakes my head*

    This, right here, is exactly what my aunt does. It's not exactly a "new" son-in-law situation because we've been married for going on two years now but I guess he's new to her as she's only met him in person a handful of times.

    It honestly puzzles me. She speaks quite positively of him and she doesn't even know him that well. In fact, when we got engaged, she was quite a naysayer and did not approve at all (due religious and cultural differences) and this was before even having met him. It's so strange to me to change one's opinion of someone based on ... appearance? I don't even know what to call it.

    That's extremely sad. I think that it starts at home though. Their parents should be supporting them and helping protect their self esteem rather than supporting the bias against dark skin.

    In my personal experience, my parents and aunts/uncles never bought into the color thing, which is why I find my relatives commentary so strange and random. My (twin) brother and I have drastically different coloring than our other siblings and my parents never let anyone fawn over us over that or make our siblings or other cousins feel bad about themselves. When my older cousins got engaged and married, I don't think I ever heard anyone comment about color either. In Canada, I think it's mostly a generational thing with older generations.
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