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Six Steps To Perform Better

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Anusowmyan, Mar 17, 2019.

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    Now a days managing both home and office has become a challenging task for both men &women. There are many number of reasons which make this task even more harder and tough. The following simple steps will provide you enough strength to complete the task successfully:

    1. Avoid late night calls, it not only disturbs sleep patterns but also affects the next day routine. Plan to restrict calls between 9pm - 8am. Allot this period for your favourite things like walk, music, books or family time.

    2. Brush teeth twice a day, it helps maintain oral health as we consume a lot of oily &other sticky foods on the run throughout the day. It also helps to have good night’s sleep.

    3. Once in a while try to clean your house and distribute the unused things to the required people. Throw away broken and damaged items. Make your home dump free. It will be more spacious and happy to look at.

    4. Make it a routine to meet people you love very much and exchange few greetings and wishes on regular basis. Spare time for your kids and talk to them about your sweet childhood memories.

    5. Prepare to do list and keep reminders to avoid missing out important task or jamming up too many works on the same day. It helps to be hassle free and brings down tantrums. This can be applied for both personal &official programs.

    1. Quit bad habits if any, even avoid negative thinking. This will help you to analyze the situation or the problem, understand the facts and thereby leading to good decision making.
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