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Silly Musings November

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by Kamalji, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. Kamalji

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    Silly Musings - November 07

    Executive thief Arrested - HT dt 12/11/07 - page 4

    Subhash, the 'executive thief stole in style.With his polished personality,fluency in English, and immaculate timing, the 30 year old had kept the police of four states on their toes for the last 7 years.

    In this while,Subhash burglared over 250 households in Deli,Haryana,Uttar Pradesh and Mumbai.The number could go upwards of 500 or maybe more.Subhash used to target the upper floor houses that were locked during the day.He used to break open locks easily by a small iron rod and picked up whatever cash,jewellery and electronic items he could lay his hands on.He didnt spend more than `15 mins in a house.His target was to earn 10,000 a day and did not mind stealing from more than one household per day.

    From this loot,Subhash bought a bunglow in his hometown and has bought huge land for farming purposes.He had 3 girlfriends and led a lavish lifestyle.He spent all on luxuries.After the money was finished he was back to stealing.

    This guy earned like a CEO,but used to work as he pleased.And he had 3 girlfriends.And today's youngsters must know that knowing to speak English fluently helps, like it did Subhash.Man, I envy this fellow.

    Gambling During Diwali - Betting the last Merc - HT - Nov
    Some stake their S class Mercedes just to hang in there,some organize a mujra while others induluge in wife swapping.If the capital's card parties have fallen in numbers, they have doubled in their wild quotient.
    Card parties kick off 45 days before Diwali.Women are more agressive and flaunt more than men.People go crazy to the extent that they even put their car keys at stake and the reporter has even heard of of instances of wife swapping at such occassions.

    New Age Draupadi walks out with Winner - HT Nov
    In Mahabharata,Pandavas gambled away Draupadi to Kauravas.In Bihar's Banka district,Shanti Devi wagered herself away in a game of dice on dussehra day.The 25 year old woman was taken by the victor to his house from where she was rescued and restored to her husband two days later.

    This year,Shanti won 1400 in the first hour of play, but soon lost that and her 700 principal.In exasperation she yelled " Ab Hum apne aapko dao pe lagate hain.Jo jitega hum par ussi ka haq hoga."The winner hugged her in full public view and took her home.

    Comments - We have aggressive ladies too eh ! I have heard this story in Jaipur,but well could be a rumour.At a farmhouse here, the game was between two gentlemen, if we can call them that.All others had backed off.The stakes went high, and none of them wanted to leave the hand.It seems one had a trio of Kings, the other unfortunately had a trio of Jacks.And a trio is so very difficult to get anyway.And unfortunately two trios in one game.The Jacks guy ran out of money,but wouldnt give up, and there was no credit .So he wagered his wife,and he lost,and well she went off with him.They say this was in front of a dozen couples,but as i said,could be a rumour.

    But Jaipur they do play at farmhouses thats a fact, and i have seen it myself, though i dont play those days.There is obsence money involed really.there is a club here, which has a card room, which is the normal one.They have another card room, called the ICU.Here the big players play, this i have seen,and each guy brings in 5 lakhs everyday toplay.Well Well Well.

    No wonder the card manufacturers are all so rich.One of my good friends makes Playing Cards in Mumbai for donkey's years and flourishing.I tell him dont give me a scotch peg, an Indian one will do, but give me a dozen packs for Jaipur.Lucky guy

    Ahmedabad Eunuchs just want Big Money - TOI - dt. 6/11/07

    Eunuchs of Ahmedabad have gone corporate ! Haggling with small shopkeepers for paltry amounts is passe.They are extracting on an average Rs. 25,000 from each new mall,Rs.5000 extra as Diwali Bonus and 1000 - 5000 from super stores.Business is good said Sonia 'Mausi'.

    They enter a mall in groups of 15, enter a shop,with trademark clapping,asking for 50,000 to 1 lakh, and settling for 5000.If refused, they threathen to do " Colour TV", a euphemism for the obscence act of lifting their ghaghras to display their private parts ( if any).

    Comments - I was a kid when once the hijdas came into our building in Mumbai, and one of them, male or female i dont know, put me under her ghagra.I just remembered it was so soffocating,and embarassing.Later my friends ribbed me about it, asking the details.HAHA.I just dont remember seeing anything.

    Macca Reduces Divorce offer to Mills to just 7 million pounds - TOI Nov 07
    Paul McCartney has reduced his divorce offer to estranged wife Heather Mills to only 7 million Pounds (56 crores) following her Bizzare TV Rants.The orignal offer was 50 million pounds ( 400 crores).

    I never knew talking could cost so much.I should now talk less and blog more..

    Gemma Atkinson in Elevator Romp - TOI Nov 07
    Hellyoaks star Gemma Atkinson certainly knows how to take wild sex to a different level.Her former lover, entertainer Karl Benion rea\vealed how jungle hot Gemma gave him the elevator ride of hislife followed by spanking romps of a balcony.

    Comments - How come I never meet such women ever ! Im sure these people dont need viagra ever.

    Bollywood Spots Talent on the Treadmill - TOI Nov 07
    City gyms of Mumbai have become a must for aspiring starlets and models.A pretty girl,was told by Saif Ali Khan, at a gym, that Ram Gopal Verma was looking out for a new girl for his new movie, and if she is intersted she go meet him and give his reference.

    Girls do weights in their low cut blouses and evenlow slung jeans so that they can catch the eye of a sucessful filmmaker/star.

    Comments - Wife tells me to join a Gym, to slim down.Being lazy, i never took on the offer, but now, I am keen.Now i know why my good friends go to Gyms on the sly, and never take me there.They think the girls will look at me and not them ! Shame on such friends.

    As they say, looking at pretty women,is as good an exercise as exercising, so i will lose weight double fast now.Gym here i come.

    Silly Joke
    A swanky car stops at a signal.The rich guy spots a beggar, who asks him for 2 Rupees.The guy tells him here drink this whiskey instead.The beggar says
    Beggar - Sir i wont drink this poison.Liver gets Spoilt.
    Seth - OK, smoke my Rothmans ciggies instead.
    Beggar - Sorry sir, this will spoil my lungs.Pls give me 2 bucks instead.
    Seth - Ok, come with me.I will take u to Gangabai, and give u a good time.
    Beggar - Sorry sir, that is immoral, and I am scared of AIDS.
    Seth - OK, then come and sit in my car and i will take u home and make you meet my wife.
    Beggar - why ?
    Seth - Because I want to show my wife, that a guy who dosnt smoke,drink or womanise, this is how his condition becomes.
    I think this has turned out to be pretty long,and i dont want to bore u guys and gals longer.So sweet dreams.Tillmy next musings.

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  2. Arunarc

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    Hello Kamalji
    This Subhash's story sounds like that movie Lucky something like that just can't remember the name now.
    Real funny to read about that Shanti devi, she herself stood up for betting on herself....cool
    Nice to read November 2007 musings.......
    The joke was good one:)
  3. Kamalji

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    Dear Aruna,

    You revive old blogs, read them edit them and then comment, that is sure hard work eh ! And doing a good service in thebargain.See in those days in 07 when i had joined, not many knew me, so no comments. And i ahd forgotton what i had written so u have given me homework now, that i have to re read my old blogs and then reply.


    Thanks a ton.


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