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Signing house contract

Discussion in 'Married Life' started by Aaruni, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Aaruni

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    Dear ILites,
    I would like to know your opinion on this.

    We have recently signed for a house contract.

    While sigining the papers the realtor asked my husbaband if your wife is on contract. He said no and signed all papers just in his name.

    This was two months back. A few days before I told my husband, ' I thought at least you should have discussed this with me before signing'. I do not want to be in the contract. But this is such an important step in ones life and I thought such decisions must be made together.
    My husbad says he did not feel that this needs to b discussed with me.

    The same with everything in my husbands family. Last time when I went to India (Just me and our son) there were a functions in my husbands family. They did not invite me. I was with my parents. When I asked my husband he said 'it's not necessary that we should invite other people for these things. So till this day I do not anything that happens in my husbands family. He talks with them when he is in office or if I am not around him. Same with his friends too. However I am not a noisy person I do not try to overhear things or I won't aslk any questions too.

    He normally doesn't talk much. If I just say for eg: 'I am not feeling well or somethins' he would say he doesn't tell people about his problems and keep it with himself. So I should also be like that. I am a very private person. But I think I can tell my husband anything just for support. He does not like it. Infact for anything that I say he will try to find something to prove that I am wrong . A normal conversation is not at all possible.

    I saw posts here about bday , wedding anniversary gifts etc. i have been so unlucky in all these. Not that he does not remember it. He remembers and after two days passed he will say 'I do not believe in such things. So no wishes, no gifts. Same with any festivals. I do traditional ritulas and food onfestivals, He would just sit on the chair , watch tv , eat when everything is ready and, go back to tv / sleep. For festivals also 'he would say ' i don' believe. So we didn;t have any bday party fr sons bday too.
    But he would certainly attend all his friends and theirs families bday parties without fail with nice gifts. So after the first year of marriage I stopped expecting anything from him. But I celebrate his.

    This will go on if write , I won't be able to stop. About me..31 yrs old, I have baby and resigned to my job to take care of my son. I try to discuss issues with my husband sometimes just to make undesrtand what am thinking. But he gets furios and never accepts anything. For eg: if say 'I need some help with baby. He will say now I will take care of myself, you do not have to cook etc. (..but nothing happens other than watching tv)

    Anyway this was just some sharing with you. Any thoughts?

  2. Young@heart

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    Hope it helps you even if not in actually changing yours H's nature but then maybe making you more strong emotionally.


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