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Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by kanaka Raghavan, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. kanaka Raghavan

    kanaka Raghavan IL Hall of Fame

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    r.dear friends
    Iwould like to forward this message which appeared in Rotary mag about my late father Mr.Ranganathan by his friend Anil Kumar.
    It had become a daily ritual .Just after 8.30 p.m.everyday for the past eight years except during sickness or when out of town either Rtn Ranganthan would call me or Iwould discuss the day's Hindu crossword.Both being addicted to the crossword habit,we would delight in the pleasure of beating of the mind of the crossword setter and completing the day's grid.Sometimes Iwould be stuck and sometimes he but we usually managed together to complete the puzzle.After discussing crosswords we would go on to discuss every subject under the sun.Rtn R naganathan had a sharp intellect and a vast knowledge of things and there would be always points to dicuss.Be his rotary days in Coimbatore or his working in Kolar Gold Fields .Malco etc he would recall interesting tit bits.He would hold forth on Vaishnavism,Freedom struggle and even gossip on latest fim stars.Being well read and eduacated in old system of education he could quote from Shakespeare .Browning ,Wordsworthand many others.He had many juicy story to recount.Despite his nearly octogenarian status he had child like curiosity about all things all and sundry and it used to be a pleasure talking to him.Sometimes he would seem to be cantankerous and opionionated but that would only because he had knowledge of many things and he would not hesitate to speak out.
    The news of his passing away came as a shock to me and it has really created a void which is difficult to fill.Even Kamala is feeling the sudden absence of calls at night from Rtn.Ranganathan.
    May his soul rest in peace.
    I was really proud of this letter and wanted to share this with all of u. Thank u all for the patient reading.t
  2. jothi

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    Dear Kanaka,

    It is very obvious that your dad was a very learned and profound person. Thankyou for sharing this article with everyone at IL. May your dad's soul rest in peace.


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