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Show Thyself By Your Astuteness,prescience,and Farsighted Vision

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by tamilazhagi, Mar 14, 2019.

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    The status of a society is judged by the position in which it holds its women. ‘Anyone who knows anything of history knows that great social changes are impossible without feminine upheaval’.quotes Karl marx .

    But how does the words freedom ,liberty and equality being perceived by our fellow women folk remains a issue of controversy.It’s apparent that females remain toppers at school and university levels outnumbering males,but surprisingly these number dwindle as girls get into the next sphere of life.Its rare to find Females in the higher bueracracy,mainstream politics,in the field of creativity, research and development sector etc,etc.Let not exceptions be examples.

    Her world shrinks as her age advances.Attempts to cut short her social terrain by male chauvinists and ofcourse female conservatives succeeds even today ,given the virtueless ethos and senseless dogmas, There is no denial that the institution of marriage takes a hitch on her aspirations ,but it’s not always the case.In most circumstances ,they are themselves victims of their ignorance and improvidence.

    Surveys reveal that a sustantial percentage of Indian Women,(including the highly educated ones) do not read newspapers regularly nor do they watch news channels on the television.And even if they do,they surf through only the commercial stuff.

    unjust globalization and unrefined westernization has started taking its toll at a faster pace.An Average middle class Indian women is almost obsessed with fantasies.she feels, her social life is gauged by the valuables she owns and not by values she possesses . This pernicious syndrome is the capital for marketing companies.Airconditioned shopping malls stuffed with a range of alluring products from multinational companies advanced cosmetology parlours and are mushrooming exponentially even in small towns.

    The electronic and digital revolution had reduced our fellow womenfolk into dumb driven cattle.A home appliance is being bought ,not because a women couldn’t live without it,but since her neighbor lives with it.There is extravagance in matters having to do with showing off.. The TRP rating of television channel is maintained by women watching hackneyed monotonous ,weeping teleserials.women forums in the internet are being predominantly used to discuss preparation of facial packs and about inner wear selection.An advanced search will fetch you to embroidery and cookery.nothing more.magazines subscribed by women also predominantly focusses on the same.

    I am yet to comprehend the logic behind having a servant maid for every little work in the house and going for an evening walk to reduce weight.Disturbingly the market for the electronic gadgets which claim to reduce weight by attaching them to the waist ,belly and a volley of anatomical sites,even when the person is idle is blooming .Unrelenting laziness isn’t!

    I feel that a vast majority of our women are being taken away more by flavors than by the substance.Everything here is now flavoured,from mango juice to coconut oil,from baby feeds to washing powders,from tissue papers to deluxe condoms.from your spouse’s breath to the finance minister’s budget speech.A flavored universe rather.Everything impregnated with a smell simulating a natural aroma.The posh Multi-Cuisine city Restaurant teaches which food is tastier,ofcourse the costlier happens to be tastier psychologically,and the most expensive garment showroom decides which dress will suit you the most.Native foods have become obsolete and protein rich cereals reach home in attractively packed containers in the guise of health drinks ,ofcourse promoted by a celebrity on television.ridiculous indeed!..

    On the other side of the spectrum many city girls Trying hard to equate themselves with men, have gone fanatical in clading themselves in amputated , filthy phrased garbs ,purportedly insufficient to cover the whole female anatomy,riding on heavy weight motocycles to pubs and discothe clubs drinking and flirting ,with a deranged frontal cortex till the moon turns tired and the sun gets ready for the next show.Is this the freedom that Rajaram mohanroy, Mahatmagandhi ,Rabindranath tagore and Mahakavi subramaniya bharathi dreamt of?

    Women need to understand that Subservience is not slavery,obscenity is not liberty ,endurance is not incapability and equality need not be proved by physical strength ,but by astuteness, prescience,and a farsighted vision.
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