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    This story was sent by friend which I feel worth sharing

    Subject: Short Sweet Story Read ...
    It was 25th January 2011.

    Nisha was waiting for her husband Akshaye . It was their marriage
    anniversary. Things have got changed since their marriage. From the cute
    couple they turned into a fighting one. The quarrel everyday on every small
    thing. Nisha gave up thinking that Akshaye must have forgotten their
    anniversary and surely won't be back home on time. Akshaye too didn't like
    how the things were going. She was so loving, so caring before marriage. How
    everything is changed so radically. Yet they still love each other.

    It was 4:00 p.m.

    The bell rang! Nisha was surprisingly happy that Akshaye remembered. She ran
    to open the door. Indeed Akshaye was standing outside. He was smiling and
    had a bunch of flowers in his hand. The two then started reliving their
    beautiful days, making up for their quarrels. There was champagne, light
    music, and it was raining a little outside. Overall the weather too seemed
    to get romantic along with them. But the moment came to a slight pause.

    The phone in the bedroom was ringing.

    Quite agitated, Nisha went to pick up the phone. It was a man on the other
    side.. Hello madam I am calling from the police station. Is it Mr. Akshaye
    Malhotra's number? Yes, it is. There was an accident and a man died. We got
    your number from the man's purse. We need you to come here and identify the
    body. Nisha's heart sank. Whhhhaaat?? B-but my husband is here with me? "Sorry
    madam the accident took place at 3:00 p.m. when the man was trying to board
    a bus” Nisha was about to lose her senses. How could this happen? She knew
    this type of things. She had heard about this. The soul of the person comes
    to meet you before it parts. She ran to the drawing room. Akshaye was not
    there. Is it true then? Has something that bad really happened to Akshaye? Has
    he left her forever? Oh God! had she been given another chance she would
    have mended all her faults. She rolled down on the floor awestruck. Suddenly
    there was noise from the bathroom. Akshaye came out and said, “I forgot to
    tell, you dear, my purse was stolen while I was returning home.”

    Life might not give u a second chance. So never waste a moment when u can
    make up for your deeds.

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    Hi Vinoran,
    Absolutely apt story in today's world! I had tears in my eyes..until the time Akshay said" my purse was lost.." I heaved a sigh of relief!!
    This is short but sweet!
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    Thanks Usha, I also felt the same like you and that is why I wanted to share this,

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