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Shlokas & Forwards Brought to you by Sunkan

Discussion in 'Religious places & Spiritual people' started by sunkan, Nov 18, 2006.

  1. sunkan

    sunkan Gold IL'ite

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    Shani Stotram For 7 1/2

    It is believed that When Saturn dauring Ezharai sani period(Sade
    sathi) and when it is in the eighth from moon , it causes lot of
    harm. Here is a special sloka to be recited on Saturdays to ward of
    these problems:-
    Shani Vajra Panjarika Stotram
    (The thunderbolt armour of Saturn)
    Translated by

    (Saturn, the slow moving planet takes 30 years to complete the
    perambulation of the Sun. He is supposed to be the son of Chaya Devi
    (Shadow) and the son God. The God of death Yama is his half brother.
    He takes 30 months to cross one rasi(one by twelfth of the journey),
    It is believed that when he occupies the twelfth house , first house,
    second house from moon(called sade sathi or seven and a half year
    sojourn) or occupies the twelfth house from moon, he causes untold
    and extreme misery. This great prayer occurring in the Brahmanda
    Purana is believed to be the best possible antidote for such a

    Neelambaro, Nelavapu, kireeti,
    Grdhra sthitha, sthrasakaro , dhanushman,
    Chathurbhuja, suryasutha, prasanna,
    Sada mama syadwaradha
    prasantha. 1

    Oh god dressed in blue silk, who has a blue body,
    Who wears a crown, who sits on vulture,
    Who gives misfortunes, who is armed with a bow,
    Who has four hands and who is son of Sun God,
    Be pleased with me always and happily grant me boons.

    Brahmo Uvacha:-
    Brahma told:-

    Srunu dwam rishaya , Sarva sani peeda haram mahath,
    Kavacham Sani Rajasya
    Soureridhamanuthama m. 2

    Be pleased to hear oh sage, the great armour,
    Which is a cure to all misery brought by king Sani,
    Who is the incomparably great in the clan of the Sun.

    Kavacham devatha vasam vajra panjara samgnakam,
    SAnaishara preethikaram, sarva soubhagya
    dhayagam. 3

    This armour called "thunderbolt shield" in which gods live ,
    Is very dear to the slow moving planet, and brings all luck.

    Om Sri Sanaischara, pathu bhalam may Soorya nandana,
    Nethre Chayathmaja pathu, pathu karnou
    Yamanuja. 4

    Om , Oh God Saturn, let the son of Sun protect my forehead,
    Let the darling son of Chaya protect my eyes,
    Lat my ears be protected by the brother of Yama.

    Nasam Vaivaswaswatha Pathu, mukham may Bhaskara sada,
    Snigha kandashasch may kandaam , bhujou pathu
    Mahabhuja. 5

    Let my nose be protected by Sun God,
    Let the illuminator always protect my face,
    Let he with a pleasant voice protect my voice ,
    And let the great armed God protect my arms.

    Skandhou pathu sanischaiva, karou pathu shubha pradha,
    Vaksha pathu Yama bhratha, kukshim paathvasitha
    sthadha. 6

    Let my shoulders be protected by Sani,
    Let my hands be protected by he who does good,
    Let the brother of Yama protect my chest,
    And the one who is dark in colour protect my navel.

    Nabhim grahpathi pathu, manda pathu kateem thadha,
    OOru mamanthaka pathu , yamo januyugam
    thadha. 7

    Let my stomach be protected by the lord of all planets,
    Let the slow mover protect my hips,
    Let he who makes end protect my thighs,
    And let Yama protect my pair of knees.

    Padou Manda gathi pathu, sarvangam pathu pippala,
    Angopangani sarvani rakshen may Surya
    nandana. 8

    Let my legs be protected by him with slow speed,
    Let all my organs be protected by he who wears the coat,
    And all my primary and secondary organs ,
    Be protected by the darling sin of the Sun God.

    Ithyethath kavacham divyam padeth soorya suthasya ya,
    Na thaasya jayathe peeda , preetho bhavathi
    sooryaja. 9

    If this armour of the son of the Sun God is read,
    No misery will come to him and,
    The son of Sun God would be pleased with him.

    Vyayay janma dwitheeyastho, mruthyu sthana gatrhopi va,
    Kalathrastho gatho vapi supreethasthu sada
    sani. 10

    Whether Saturn occupies the twelfth , first or second house,
    Or even goes to the house of death or occupies the seventh star,
    Saturn will always be pleased with him.

    Ashtamastha soorya suthe vyaye, janma dwitheeyage,
    Kavacham padathe nithyam, na peeda jayathe
    kwachith. 11

    If the son of Sun God is in eighth, twelfth, first or second house,
    Daily reading this Kavacham , no misery would ever be caused.

    Ithyedath kavacham divyam saureya nirmitham pura,
    Dwadasahtama janmastha doshan nasayathe sada.,
    Janma lagna sthithaan doshan sarvan nasayathe
    Prabhu. 12

    This holy divine armour composed by Sun in ancient times,
    Would destroy the ills caused by eighth ,twelfth, first and second
    And also destroy the bad effects of Saturn occupying the Lagna rasi

    Ithi Sri Brahmanda Purane Brahma Narada Samvade,
    Sani Vajra panjara kavacham sampoornam,

    Thus ends the thunderbolt armour of Saturn,
    Occuring in the discussion between Brahma and sage Narada,
    In Brahmanda Puranam


    brought to you by sunkan
  2. sunkan

    sunkan Gold IL'ite

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    Meaning Of Gayathri Mantra

    This is not a new one and most of the devotees know.
    To those who are not aware.

    The Gayatri Mantra:

    The Vedic form of the famous Gayatri mantra:

    Aum bhur-bhuvah- swah tat savitur varenyam
    bhargo devasya dheemahi dhiyo yo nah Prachodayat.


    OM = Almighty God
    BHOOR = Embodiment of vital or spiritual energy
    BHUVAHA = Destroyer of suffering
    SWAHA = Embodiment of happiness
    TAT = That (indicating God)
    SAVITUR = Bright, luminous, like and sun
    VARENIYAM = Supreme, best
    BARGO = Destroyer of sins
    DEVASYA = Divine
    DHEEMAHI = May receive
    DHIYO = Intellect
    YO = Who
    NAHA = Our
    PRACHODAYAT = May inspire

    Summary of the Mantra:

    May we meditate on the Glory of the Lord, the Remover of pains and sorrows, the Bestower of happiness, Who has created the universe, and Who is the embodiment of knowledge and light. May the Lord, enlighten our intellect in the right direction by destroying all our sins and ignorance.

  3. spandhana

    spandhana Bronze IL'ite

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    Re: Meaning Of Gayathri Mantra

    Dear Sunkan mam,

    Thanks for sharing the meaning of the mantra.Knowing the mantra alone is not sufficient,we should be knowing its meaning too ,then only the true purpose of chanting the mantra will be served.

  4. babyraji

    babyraji Silver IL'ite

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    Re: Meaning Of Gayathri Mantra

    dear mam

    even though i heard it umpteen times every mng ,i was unawre of its meaning.
    thanks for posting such info post ,making us more knowladgeable

  5. sunkan

    sunkan Gold IL'ite

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    The Hindu Theory Of Creation --one View

    The Hindu theory of creation - one view

    Vishnu – the etymological meaning of this word is –
    Vyaapyate anena iti vishnuh. Meaning an all pervading force or entity. It is considered to be blue in color because the all pervading sky is blue.

    Vishnu lies on a bed of the serpent. The serpent is a personification of time. It is called aadi-shesha. It was in the beginning and remains in the end also. It is also called anantha – without end, without beginning and without end.

    Brahma is supposed to come out of the navel of Vishnu.In modern scientific terminology, the navel can be equated to a black hole. The etymological meaning of Barhma is brihmati iti brahma – that which expands. That is in
    today’s terminology the expanding universe.

    According to Hindu theory Brahma continues to expand and after several billions of years, it starts contracting. This aspect is yet not confirmed by modern scientists.It takes as many billions of years to contact as for expansion. Brahma then goes back into the navel of Vishnu. This is
    but stating that the universe goes back into the black hole.

    The state of Brahma passively lying in the black hole is the laya period. It takes the same amount of time as it has taken for expansion or contraction.

    After this period another Brahma comes out of the Vishnu’s navel and the process repeats itself. I am yet to find out how many Brahmas have come and gone. When we do a sankalpa
    we refer to our time as of today’s Brahma.

    According to Christian theory the Universe was created some
    5000 or so years back. Modern scientists have rejected this idea.
    Similarly it will take several years before scientists accept
    The Hindu theory.
  6. geevee68

    geevee68 Platinum IL'ite

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    Re: Shani Stotram For 7 1/2

    I was looking for a sloka of this magnitude. thank you. i truly feel blessed now.
  7. geevee68

    geevee68 Platinum IL'ite

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    I started chanting this shloka every Saturday after i got this post.
    Of course some Saturdays i have missed due to certain circumstances.
    Iam going thru the last phase of sade sathi now.
  8. Swethasri

    Swethasri Platinum IL'ite

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    i dont know where to put this question.

    i know its a very old thread but still wants to know couple of things.we are asked to do thila tharpanam in rameswaram becoz of pithru dosham.My Father in law and mother in law are going to a marrige in madurai.i want to know how long wil it take to go to rameswaram from madurai by trainn and bus??my in laws are in later 70s so if i get a proper information it will be easy for them to go and do the pariharam.and also whom shd we need to contact to do the tharpanam???Please let me know
  9. snubha

    snubha New IL'ite

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    Where is actual place in balidharpanam in burdubai , who will take pooja's & manthras tells to me , every one knows give me your advise


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