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She is british and I am an Indian

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by rajkumarankar, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. rajkumarankar

    rajkumarankar Senior IL'ite

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    She is white and me black
    But she never cares, how am I ?
    Many hopes in me
    Her hope is to enjoy
    Many dreams in my mind
    Her dreams for a better holiday
    I bother and care for tomorrow
    But she lives in present and today
    She is British
    And I am an Indian,

    She likes coffee

    And I am with tea
    Her food is burgers and pizza
    Mine with roti and rice
    our tastes are different
    Our ways are different
    Still I love her,
    And she 'll die for me
    She is British
    And I am an Indian

    She has many friends,

    But for me she is the only one,
    she is cute and every body loves her
    But she is only one who loves me
    When I am sad
    She comes with a kiss
    Removing all the abstructles from my life
    Still She is British,
    And I am an Indian.

    She want to stay with me 2-3 years

    I want her whole my life
    She is bold and too frank
    I am backward and too shy
    She tells me ''I love you''
    I want to say that I shall die for you
    But the words struck on my lips
    And comes out through the tears
    Though She understands me
    Ignore my tears and kissed me once again,
    She is British and I am an Indian

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  2. Arunarc

    Arunarc Moderator Staff Member IL Hall of Fame

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    Hmmmm Raaj so the love story starts from here..
    Enjoyed reading your words, that hidden love that you share with her.

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