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Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by jayasala42, Sep 17, 2021.

  1. jayasala42

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    It is an apartment in Chennai behind Tamabaram.Three years back
    you could see lot of advertisements for these apartment.Just to save a few lakhs
    my friend purchased a three room apartment.Series of amenities were advertised.
    Many retirees specifically opted for a carefree hastle free life. A great walk. Tension free atmosphere. Lot of greenery all around.What else do we need at 70/?She invited me for a short stay.
    I too needed a real change.
    As I got down the auto,four dogs surrounded the vehicle,In my 80 years of life,
    I have never had a pet at home.We have lived only with children both calm and naughty.I was actually frightened and shouted at the topmost of my voice.
    My friend calmed me down, took hold of my hands and was leading me into her beautiful ground floor apartment.
    The flat was really marvellous with all interiors and beautifully furnished,Looked like a palace.
    As it was nearing five,I wanted to have a nice walk.My friend also accompanied..
    At every step we were closely followed by dogs of all varieties. Some house owners were taking their pets out. There were many many street dogs barking all the way running hither and thither making me gasp for breath.My friend started talking about dog menace.Notwithstanding the presence of gate guards at all the five entrances, these creatures were crowding trying to enter the ground floor flats.They would wait eagerly at the lift gate and enter the lift with great freedom.
    They barked as louder as possible conversing with each other.That is their language.What to do?The barking may denote love, friendship or even hatred and enmity.
    When I visited,corporation people arrived to catch the dogs,But I dont know how the dogs received the communication;suddenly all dogs disappeared;not a single soul could be caught.Though they could not catch a single dog,they demanded money for their visit.
    My friend used to be highly argumentative even during college days.She,being a representative of the association, refused to give a pie.
    Very next day, all dogs made their holy appearance.
    Next day my friend brought another set of officials from corporation.
    This time those officials were very careful and were ready in advance.Just within
    15 mts those representatives from the corporation said that they had caught 6 dogs and demanded money.My friend insisted that she should see the dogs.Soon the van was opened.There were six dogs ,but not belonging to that zone.The representatives brought six dogs with them just to cheat the residents.
    However the residents could not prove the identity.Do they have AADhar?
    My friend refused to pay money.There was some galaatta and Halchal.At last the corporation people left those dogs also inside the apartment and left abusing my friend.
    Within two days the old and new dogs became close and started leading
    family life as siblings lovers and what not.

    .Another menace was the monkey.As the first floor Mama was performing Sandya Vandanam in the balcony,the monkey silently touched his shoulders.Thinking that the disturbance was from his wife, he started shouting.As Mami came from inside, she shouted seeing the monkey.
    Now People started giving suggestions to catch the monkeys.
    We can get a cage;
    We can fire crackers'
    We can attract with tasty foods and coconuts.
    The suggestion of firing crackers was implemented.On listening the cracker sound many started doubting whether Deepavali is in the near vicinity.
    But monkeys never responded.
    My friend intimated the problem by phone to Forest Officials,They made a big fuss about the long waiting list.When asked to come urgently, they bluntly refused.
    "If it is so urgent,catch the monkeys yourself,We will come and collect".
    Even for coming as per waiting list,they demanded Rs 4000/ whether they catch the monkeys or not.
    I would rather return home but hesitate to tell my friend.
    Next day there was another shock. It was a snake.While it was stated to be just 2 feet long, as the news spread ,the gossip mongers made it as long as 12 ft.
    The only benefit was all the electrim rooms, outside bath rooms were
    cleaned.Now my friend is in search of a snake charmer.
    Pigeons, rats and cats were regular residents.
    In short the policy at the so called bombastic apartment is 'LIVE
    and let live;.Whatever we eat,let them also eat.At least they wont
    complain about dearth of salt and chilies.
    I was totally dejected and became nervous. I am back in my single room
    accommodation at West mambalam.I had a nice sleep enjoying the
    mosquito bite.Even if I had one crore,I shall never,never opt for such
    hi-ended flats with dog,cat and monke menace.Better to tolerate
    the bad mouthed gossip mongers and enjoy the interesting tales of
    love,marriage and divorce ,success and failure of children and about eloping individuals.
    Jayasala 42

  2. joylokhi

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    Oh! This brought out facts which no one would have envisaged when going in for such exclusive apartments!
    We would rather stay as you said in familiar surroundings where there may be lack of privacy or such stuff but way better than such issues. Ofcourse the dog menace is there in almost all the colonies , here in Bangalore too. They become part of the locality and bark /create nuisance only when outsiders enter . From all the Ads about these senior homes etc, people would be led to think , it is a haven of comfort etc. If people are pressed to have to move into such places, it is always good to see if rental facility would be available also, and then try and get aclamatised to the place, if not, we can always move out. This is an eye opener for many and a very useful share . However enjoyed reading the humour behind it too.
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  3. Thyagarajan

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    This is what one can expect if natural habitats are eliminated paving way for buildings to come up for business and expansion. We have been regularly fed with news of elephants and foxes entering the residents and shops that have come up in the outskirts of cities including TN.

    BUT has lot of humour in him which gleams through his writing of his or her experience.

    Some forty years before, when house was constructed in an agricultural area, the sighting of numerous snakes and frogs and even mongoose at our door step especially at dusk was quite normal.

    I had seen even foxes roaming around near vacant plots. My mom used to curse for having built a house in an isolated place insulated from humanity.

    But with decades of constructions, more dwellings and increased vehicular traffic on motorable roads lead to total disappearance of predators.
    It was nice to sight parrots and other birds but now all have vanished excepting those field rats and crows.

    On the outskirts of COIMBATORE aka Kovai of Tamil Nadu one would find numerous retirement homes of five star rating. My bosom friend with his spouse has been staying over last twelve years in BRINDAVAN close to Kovai - Avinash road. From reports I get from him is encouraging and upon my recommendation few more have become resident there.

    But the report from my mumbai office colleague is discouraging in respect of senior homes at and near vandaloor. He stayed with his spouse on trial for a month when summer was peaking in Chennai. He had lot of complaints on basic things. He may have had chosen a block at Kovai Brindavan.
  4. Viswamitra

    Viswamitra IL Hall of Fame

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    Dear Smt. Jayasala:

    I understand your predicament about moving to a comfortable place at the same time finding it hard to leave the familiar environment. Leaving in a place where the menace of dogs, monkeys and snakes is impossible for seniors to handle.This is besides regular maintenance efforts for the apartment. Who would like to deal with animal control and their demands for dealing with a problem?

    Here in Florida, many prefer to live in a natural habitat and most residential units are built around a conservation and a pond. Even in our subdivision, we sight Pasams, Snakes, Peacocks, Rabits, Turddles, etc. regularly. Some have sighted Fox like animal and so far we haven't sighted any dangerous animals as yet. Many ponds have Aligators and when we take a walk around the subdivision, I ensure Orion, our pet doesn't get closer to the pond.
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