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Shame on Indian Media??

Discussion in 'TV' started by raginiprakash, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. kanaka

    kanaka Bronze IL'ite

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    It is really disgusting to watch the channels promoting Mallika Sherawat, Amitab Bacchhan, Sanjay Dutt. How can the marriage of some Abishek Bachhan be a matter of discussion for a news channel. On the same day or so India had sent the space rocket, which was given least priority. I believe the telecast is based on the TRP for each news item. In such a situation, the rating for such intellectual pursuits would be below mark. All channels heavily depend on the commercial advertiements. They are bound to please the master who provides bread and jam. Anything else will have to take the back seat.:bangcomp: :bangcomp: kanaka

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