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Seeking Valuable Advices

Discussion in 'Parents & Siblings' started by adisum, Mar 21, 2015.

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    Hi.. I am Aditi , m a 24 year old girl from amritsar, punjab.

    I want to share my life's one situation and seeking valuable advice on it. Its about my Real sister.

    My sister is 3 years elder than me and she got married just 2 years back. My brother in law is a nice and rich person. Just near the marriage i joined the job at same place where my sister was working. I have been told that i need to replace her as she will leave the job coz of marriage. It was a job placement firm and i started working there as any other job.

    My sister told me to hide from all the office staff about our relation. I agreed to it as she is elder she knws better thing was on my mind. The boss of that company was a nice person in beginning, but when i started working there and get to know that man i didn't like the way he look at every girl, he always used to talk in double meaning sense about everything. I was ignoring his acts as he was not saying anything to me.

    My sister got married after a month of my joining at that job and just then i came to know that my sister will continue her work from home in the same company from new delhi ( from her in laws home). I was not so comfortable regarding this as i dnt lyk mixing up personal and professional lives.

    One fine day, there was ajob fair in our company and my sister has to come as she was on a senior post. My sister and boss were talking to each other ( my boss knew about our being real sisters) just then in front of me he started flirting with my newly married sister. I was pissed off but my sister to my surprise smiled at his actions. I was in anger. I came home and tell eveything to my mom to which my mom replied, ignore it she will handle. Then after that incident my sister flies back to delhi and i was on normal ofc routine. I started realizing that whenever my boss was free he was on phone with somebody, i thought to be his wife. But after 2-3 days when boss was again on phn from 3 hours , i got his wife's call on my official number. she said that her husband;'s phone was busy from past 2 hours and she wanted to talk to her urgently. I went hurridly to my boss cabin and to my surprise he spoken out the name of my sister over the phone . I was lyk ( he was talking to my sister ? )

    My sister is short tempered, so i nver found any courage to ask her directly. But as nobody in ofc was known that she is my sister. The other girls in ofc started talking nonsense about the affair of my sister with boss. I was really pissed off. My sister whenever comes to amritsar to visit us she always spend more time in ofc than home and instead of travelling back with me in the evening she used to travel with boss in his car. Now even i was getting sure of affair. Not sure of telling the whole situation to mom. i discussed it with a senior employee at ofc without her knowledge of that m talking about my sister.

    Later my sister left the job and i was relieved that everthing is over. And then because of the dirty talks of boss and politics in ofc i also left the job. After i left boss told the senior employee that aditi and samriti ( my sister) were sisters. I dont what happened afterwards may be that employee has told the boss about my talks regarding him and my sister. and he told everything to my sister in his own cunning way. Now my sister is not ready to listen to me. I was trying to save her was seeking an advice from that senior female employee. She is not at all talking to me now. Please advice what to do???

    I knw this is quiet a long confession or story but cant make it short. This is the shortest i could have written. I hope someone of you will read it and advice me on this.

  2. chocolate

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    OP, You shudnt have discussed this with a sr employee. Your sister is an adult. She can handle it. Don't interfere. On the surface it looks like your sister is having an affair with your ex boss.Your sister believes the ex boss more than her own sister. Forget it. She will talk to you in her own time. Don't push.You shud have been an adult and spoken about it to her directly than your mom and sr employee.You are at fault too. Don't talk about this to anybody else and let time take its course. The ex boss cant hide this thing forever neither can your sister.When it unravels many people will be hurt.Good Luck.
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