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    Female is the first site to place google and yahoo side by side on one split screen since 2005. was shut down by Law Enforcement and Lawyers and the story is interesting.

    The web site took the user's query and created a browser window with two frames, with the results from Yahoo! on one side and those from google on the other.

    The creator of, Arbel Hakopian, has announced that - Search (Google, Yahoo, Live, Ask, AOL, Dogpile, Altavista...) is now replaced in place of with much more facilities and functionalities (or maybe even more violations of Law).

    PolyCola, developed by the same guy who came up with, searches across multiple search engines at once. It’s a fairly simple, yet practical concept. Most people across the world use Google or Yahoo to perform searches, however with PolyCola, you can search two engines simultaneously. Here’s how it works: say you want to search for dog gifts, type in the term in the search bar, select your engines (you currently have six choices: Google, Yahoo, Ask, Dogpile, Altavista, and AOL), and filter your search by picking web, images, videos, news, shopping or answers, finally hit enter. PolyCola will pull up two screens, one for each engine. You can enlarge the left or right screen to focus in on the results from a certain engine. Alternately you can further refine your search using the filters at the top of the page. PolyCola is free to use.

    “PolyCola cuts out the time and hassle involved in
    searching some search engines at the same time.

    According to various online statistics, most people
    in different countries such as the United States, Canada,
    United Kingdom, Australia, Arabic Countries, Indians,
    Persians, Dutch people, Spanish people, and many other
    different spoken language countries, primarily use either or or some other major search engines
    as their main websites for searching.

    PolyCola cuts out all of this hassle.

    PolyCola makes it easier to search across multiple engines. The UI is user-friendly, there aren’t any complicated features, and PolyCola uses the most popular engines. You can compare results side by side to find exactly what you need

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    Thanks for sharing this info.
    THis is the first time I am reading about this new search engine.
    Interesting topic.

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